With this new SUV, the adventure in the city and on the highway is infinite |  icon

With this new SUV, the adventure in the city and on the highway is infinite | icon

The American writer and activist Helen Keller said that “life will be a great adventure or it will not be”. At Nissan, this consideration of existence as a great adventure is in its DNA and now, with the launch of the new Nissan X-Trail with e-POWER, it goes a step further. Goodbye limits.

To live a great experience on the road (whatever the destination) it is important to choose your travel companions well. We are not only talking about friends and family, but about a vehicle that is up to the task. In every sense. The new Nissan X-Trail, one of the most popular SUVs in the world, arrives more prepared than ever.

The difference is made by the e-POWER system, exclusive to the Japanese firm and which represents a unique approach to electrification. This system incorporates a high-performance battery and an integrated motorization that means that power to the wheels comes solely from an electric motor. Thus, the gasoline engine is used solely to generate electricity. Meanwhile, the wheels are driven at all times by the electric motor. Instant response makes driving more agile and facilitates actions on the road such as overtaking or merging onto a highway. Easier (and safer), impossible.

The e-POWER propulsion system also ensures a quiet drive, perfect for concentrating only on what matters. And it improves efficiency: the combustion engine always works in its optimal range regardless of the environment.

A modern and robust style

In this new generation of the X-Trail, we rediscover its unmistakable design that has made it an icon. It is a comforting sensation similar to that of meeting one of those old friends with whom it is a pleasure to start the race, alone or with the whole family.

It is a robust but versatile vehicle. The frontal look draws attention with headlamps that seem molded into the front bumper, while wheel arches give it a forceful road presence. At the rear, the wraparound headlights stand out with a division between them that allows a wide opening of the trunk. The silver trim under the rear bumper highlights the off-road character of this SUV.

As a good adventurer, you could not miss the aerodynamic elements that include 3D tire deflectors, low fairings and some recognizable openings in the front that generate an air curtain that allows directing the flow towards the sides of the X-Trail. Design at the service of driving.

In addition, the new X-Trail is based on the Alliance’s CMF-C platform, which represents state-of-the-art automotive technology and frame architecture. Lighter materials, more resistance and less weight are the hallmarks that collaborate to shape a more refined, comfortable and safe driving experience. Added to this are the e-Pedal Step systems, which allow driving with just one pedal, and ProPILOT Assist, a state-of-the-art driver support tool to reduce feelings of tension and fatigue.

An innovative traction system, maximum comfort and connectivity with a human touch

Adventure is also the art of facing the unknown. That’s why the new X-Trail incorporates the e-4ORCE four-wheel drive system, designed to work with Nissan’s electrified vehicles. Even if snowy, wet, muddy and icy roads await the traveler, this system ensures absolute traction and confident acceleration whatever the conditions without the driver and other passengers noticing: a discreet and invisible revolution.

In addition, the new Nissan SUV puts care in the comfort of the driver and all his companions, essential to make the trip as pleasant as possible. The interior cabin combines avant-garde and practicality with ergonomic switches and buttons and smart solutions, such as new white lighting that creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Everything that has to do with connectivity has also been taken care of to the extreme, putting the binomial of information and entertainment above all else. There are small details that bring a smile to the surface, such as the traditional “Kiriko” cut glass texture added to the digital background of the TFT multi-information display. A nod to the Japanese essence of Nissan.

Rarely has an SUV taken such attention to the smallest detail to turn any adventure into something exciting without sacrificing style, comfort, or safety. Shall we start?

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