With Beem Energy, Ralph Feghali puts solar within everyone’s reach

With Beem Energy, Ralph Feghali puts solar within everyone’s reach

Making solar energy accessible to as many people as possible, having an economic and ecological impact on the lives of consumers: such is the ambition of Ralph Feghali, co-founder of Beem Energy. Encounter.

The magic of solar

“I was born in Paris, but my Lebanese origins allowed me to have strong awareness of the world around us very early on. I understood in particular how lucky we were here, in France, to have electricity that is constantly running – which is not the case everywhere. I also had, through my father, a culture of entrepreneurship, he himself was a business manager. Very quickly, during my studies at AgroParisTech and a work-study period at the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), I was attracted by the magic of solar energy. This technology, by its versatility, fascinated me…”

An opportunity, a market that is opening up

“During my engineering studies, I realized that we were going to reach a tipping point. At that time, five years ago, there was already a curiosity for solar energy. Not only was the cost of technologies to produce it falling – moreover, it has been divided by ten in ten years – but the price of electricity, meanwhile, was constantly increasing. And it is today that the shift is happening. In a few years, it will become regulatory to equip oneself – this has already started in certain sectors. A study carried out with OpinionWay shows that 74% of households want to acquire one, but only 1% have passed the mark. The reasons are structural and emotional. It is expensive, the installations are complex and the panels are not aesthetically appropriate. We therefore sought a solution to answer these very legitimate questions, to make individuals want to take ownership of energy management.”

Ralph Feghali (Beem Energy): “In 2019, we were the first technology company to launch a DIY solar panel kit.  »

Ralph Feghali (Beem Energy): “In 2019, we were the first technology company to launch a DIY solar panel kit. »Théophile Trossat for Les Echos Weekend

Break the codes

“I had the chance to meet Rob Spiro, an American familiar with start-ups, who was also looking to set up a solar company with designer Arthur Kenzo. We all started working together, starting from scratch. The concept of the do-it-yourself panels, with a new design, appealed to the people we interviewed. Very quickly, a fourth musketeer, Pierre-Emmanuel Roger, joined us in the adventure. The first prototypes were launched with a technology that was already proven. In 2019, we were the first technology company, with R&D, to launch such a product. Tens of thousands of our first kit (300 watts) have since been installed with very high satisfaction ratings. And we are launching 40% more efficient panels at the beginning of June, at the same price of 710 euros.”

A simple product, an app and a community

“Today, you can go to Leroy Merlin and pick up a Beem kit that fits in the trunk of your car – or order it on our site. Installation is extremely simple: four 5 kg panels that a single person can install in a few minutes, on the floor or on a wall, taking into account the orientation. All you have to do is connect the kit to a standard outlet. When the sun shines, the electrons enter the network: this is the less to pay for the owner on his consumption. The Beembox, supplied with the kit, sends the data directly to the application to measure the immediate impact. Digital support is also essential since we help owners better control their consumption and participate in decarbonization. We continue to work on storage and mobility, with the ambition to continue to “break the codes”, for an impact that is both economic and ecological.”

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