Why is 2023 the best time to install solar panels?

Why is 2023 the best time to install solar panels?

The year begins with the slope of January. It is a slope that is going up more than ever due to the general rise in prices in recent months, especially those of energy. We are forced to save at any cost and, for this reason, many people have been switching to self-consumption with solar panels for a long time. Why? Well, because it is a way to save immediately and also with a clean source.

In 2023, it is the historical moment where it is most profitable to install a photovoltaic system, since a lot of factors come together that facilitate it. Do you want to know what they are?

Savings from day one

Although it may seem complicated, saving with solar panels is very easy and effective. The installation is usually ready in 2 days and the panels start producing energy immediately, so you will reduce your electricity bill from minute one. It is an investment that is amortized in the first years with the same energy production (5 years or less) and then everything will be benefits. It is surprising, but the installation of a self-consumption system is the best possible financial investment today. Click here to calculate your savings and the plates your roof needs.

Spain, land of sun

The Iberian Peninsula is one of the sunniest areas in Europe, a perfect place for solar energy. Despite this potential, Spain is far behind other countries that have half the hours of sunshine, such as Germany or the Netherlands. Luckily, in the last 3 years everything has changed and we have put our batteries, tripling the growth of the sector. The key was the end of the famous “sun tax” in 2018, which made it difficult to develop photovoltaic installations and made them much more expensive.

photovoltaic installations

photovoltaic installations


New electricity rate

The new 2.0 TD electricity rate affects most homes from June 2021. On each day, the price of electricity is divided into 3 price periods, from highest to lowest: peak, flat and valley. The hours in which it is most expensive are those when we normally need to have more activity at home: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“We can use self-consumption energy instead of paying for electricity at the most expensive time”

In order not to have to wait until dawn or the weekend to put on a washing machine, solar panels make more sense than ever. We can use self-generated energy instead of paying for electricity at the most expensive time of the day.

Grants and bonuses

From the European Union, the government, the autonomous communities and the town halls have opted for renewable energies, in the form of subsidies for photovoltaic and self-consumption installations. There are different aids depending on the community, but in all of them there are many options. For example, the Next Generation European Funds or IBI bonuses of up to 50%. In addition, we have the possibility of financing an installation with infinite formulas.

Check which grant best suits your case

Savings for you and the planet

The energy transition is a necessity for everyone and it is already happening. We are lucky to be part of a change towards a society based on renewable and sustainable energy. In this way, with a self-consumption system we save money and, at the same time, contribute to the fight against climate change.

“It is time for the energy transition with self-sufficient systems. In addition to solar panels, we also add aerothermal energy or electric car chargers”

The journey does not end with solar panels. The development of technology is leading us to more self-sufficient systems so that our house depends to a minimum on external companies and fossil fuels. We are talking about aerothermal air conditioning, electric car chargers or battery storage. The energy transition is now, do not wait to switch to self-consumption.

aerothermal system

aerothermal system


specialized companies

The photovoltaic industry is growing. Although it is a relatively new technology, in recent years companies have specialized in offering a quality service focused on the consumer. As is the case of Solideo, which adapts to each case to carry out a personalized installation. In addition, it is a totally independent company and works outside the influence of the large electricity distributors and marketers in the country.

To start the path of self-consumption is very simple. You can request a budget for your installation. At Solideo they advise you to find the best solution and manage all legal and grant procedures with their own staff. And, if you prefer, you can calculate yourself how many solar panels fit on your roof and how much you can save, thanks to the Solar Calculator. In the following tutorial we show you how to do it.

Why is 2023 the best time to install solar panels?

Do you want to know how much you can save on your electricity bill if you install solar panels? Take advantage of the solar calculator

With Solideo, saving money, time and resources is much easier than you thought. And more in 2023.

Making life simple is a smart act.


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