Why do we get more cramps these days?

Why do we get more cramps these days?

Surely it has happened to you more than once, and lately you may have noticed that it happens to you more often and with more force. That unpleasant moment when we feel an electric shock when we touch someone or an object. On dry and windy days in most regions, it is even easier to suffer a cramp.

Humidity, the key to everything

The origin of everything is in static electricity. When we walk, or with the simple friction of our clothes, we get charged with electrons and there comes a point where we have too many. As long as we don’t come into contact with anything or anyone, we have no way to “discharge” all this electricity.


On dry and windy days in most regions, it is even easier to suffer a cramp.


But the moment there is contact is when this discharge can occur, especially when the weather is drier. Therefore, the less moisture there is in the air, the more likely we are to get cramps. Because humidity is a conductor of this static electricity. On the other hand, if there is little, we are the ones who become drivers.

According to experts, there are people who have a greater tendency to charge themselves than others, due to the conductivity of the skin, which is different for each one, as is pigmentation or other characteristics. That is why on days with less humidity, like this week, in which at many times of the day the humidity is at 30%, people are more prone to suffer it.

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In winter we are more likely to get a cramp.

Some tricks to avoid suffering these unpleasant cramps are humidifiers, which are responsible for achieving an optimal level of humidity and, thus, reducing the load. Also, if we are at home, we can walk barefoot and in this way we will release static electricity.

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Tricks not to charge us


Use humidifiers to achieve optimal humidity level


Go barefoot to release static electricity

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