What to do before the eruption of the largest crater in the world?

What to do before the eruption of the largest crater in the world?

The Mauna Loa volcano, the largest active volcano in the world, erupted on Monday, November 28 and put the authorities and the inhabitants of Hawaii on alert.

Heavy ashfall is expected in the Big Island area of ​​Hawaii, with no major risk to the community at this time. However, the Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency said on Twitter that some shelters have been opened as a precaution.

Here we tell you five steps to follow in the event of a volcanic eruption and possible emergency.


The beginning of the eruption of Mauna Loa.


​volcanic traffic light

Countries that have a strong presence of volcanoes always have a special plan to contain the population in case of an eruption. The first thing that is activated is a volcanic traffic light, which accurately indicates the areas affected by the eruption, which is in charge of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory.


Lava flows from Mauna Loa.

Chelsea Jensen/AP

Collaboration with authorities

The most important thing is to act in collaboration with the authorities and be attentive to their news and orders. In the event that an evacuation is ordered, it is necessary to turn off the electricity in the home and close the water and gas taps.


Aerial image of Mauna Loa


Protection of the respiratory tract and ears

If you have to leave your home, you should protect your face with a damp cloth to prevent smoke and ash from entering the respiratory tract.

What to do if you should not evacuate?

If the authorities indicate that the area should not be evacuated, all openings and ventilation ducts in the house must be closed. In addition, the spaces between the doors and windows must be covered with damp cloths.


Mauna Loa puts Hawaiians on alert.


What to do if you are outdoors

If you are outdoors, it is important to stay away from the area near the volcano and take cover from the wind that comes from there. It is advisable not to cross rivers and look for places with height, following the areas recommended by the authorities.

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