Ukrainian restaurants create ‘black out menus’ to overcome power outages

Ukrainian restaurants create ‘black out menus’ to overcome power outages

The continuous Russian attacks on electrical infrastructure have led the Ukrainian authorities to ration electricity, and living without electricity is becoming common among the population. A few days ago it was in the news that doctors from the Kyiv Heart Institute managed to save the life of a child during heart surgery while blackouts hit the hospital, but in addition to the health sector, there are other affected sectors that are looking for solutions to the power cuts. electricity.

The restaurants, which in the middle of the service can run out of ovens, heating and refrigerators, have begun to serve dishes that adapt to these circumstances. They call them blackout menu and they have the peculiarity that they can be cooked without electricity, giving more prominence to cold preparations and cocktails.

Some establishments use thermoses to keep coffee and tea hot

Hummus, liver pâté, nachos, steak tartar and avocado salad are the proposals of the Cuban restaurant Escobar, in Kyiv. During power outages, store manager Anna Golovko tells insiders, offer teas and coffees to customers that are kept warm thanks to thermoses, as well as other snacks. Diners have begun to bring candles from home to support the staff and liven up the situation.

The menu at Under Wonder, another establishment located in the capital, includes tangerine, avocado and spicy passion fruit ceviche; seared tuna steak with Sicilian citrus sauce, guacamole and olives or burnt pastrami with pear, pickled eggplant, mustard sauce and maple syrup.

Meat tartare with raw yolk

steak tartare

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There they have decided to start using portable minibar barbecues, they explain to the American media, and they also use candles to light the place. In other restaurants, they take advantage of resources that they did not pay as much attention to before, such as fireplaces (both for cooking and lighting) and try to be creative to normalize a situation that does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

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