Turin, Last Generation activists block the ring road junction

Turin, Last Generation activists block the ring road junction

“On the hottest days ever, asphalt gets hot”. say the protesters, a dozen, who this morning blocked the junction of Abbadia di Stura on the ring road. They are the activists of New Generation, the group of environmentalists who have become famous for their protest actions in art galleries around the world. “In 2022 in Italy there were 18 thousand deaths from the heat, we are already dying of the climate crisis, what could be more urgent than this? – they say in response to the protests of motorists – The discomfort we are creating is nothing compared to what we are experiencing and what awaits us”.

The blockade began shortly after 8. “We demand the immediate stop of all public subsidies to fossil fuels starting from the city of the automobile, the capital of a Piedmont already hit hard by the climate crisis”, the protesters continue.

The Turin traffic police intervened on the spot and moved the activists from the car passage lanes. Digos investigations into the incident are underway. The protesters have all been identified.

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