Traffic light energy policy: The fossil shadow

Traffic light energy policy: The fossil shadow

Dhe contradictions in German energy policy have become too great for a topic like nuclear power to simply disappear. The nuclear issue will also occupy the coalition in 2023. It was only a matter of time before the FDP would come back to it.

Even if they initially gave in to the Greens and “only” agreed to the extended operation of three power plants until April, Volker Wissing’s proposal shows that the party has not yet given up. The fact that the Greens, on the other hand, insist on a line is understandable. Should it actually happen, the fossil shadow will become a constant companion for the Greens of all people.

Climate activists do not learn from mistakes in exit policies

This shadow is currently hanging over Lützerath. He would have done that even without the gas and energy crisis. Only the evacuation of the village, which has to make way for a lignite opencast mine, has become unavoidable. Because domestic lignite is only experiencing a renaissance (also from the Greens!) because Germany is suffering from the wrong phase-out policy of the past few years.

Nuclear power could have taken over the role that coal and gas have to play today. Denying yourself this insight is the biggest credibility problem for the Greens and the SPD. The climate activists who are holed up in Lützerath cannot be expected to learn from their mistakes either. They are drumming for renewables. That might be enough for the last generation, but not for the next.

There would be nothing to object to the rapid expansion of wind power in particular if the aspirations and reality of German climate protection policy came together. But they don’t do that as long as the climate balance in Germany is worse than abroad, where energy sources are used that are demonized here, like nuclear power, or, like hydropower, are not sufficiently available. If, on top of that, the price of electricity is as high as it has never been before and will not fall any time soon, politics dominated by red and green will have no rhyme or reason.

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