Thousands of job opportunities remain unfilled due to a lack of FP graduates

Thousands of job opportunities remain unfilled due to a lack of FP graduates

“The lack of qualified professionals with a Vocational Training degree who respond to market demands is seen as a persistent problem for the next few years.” This is the conclusion reached by the report A new Vocational Training Law for new timesprepared by CaixaBank Dualiza.

For the first time, this study has quantified the employment opportunities that will be generated in Spain until the year 2030 for Vocational Training graduates: it is estimated that there will be more than two million jobs for those students who take Training Cycles in different branches of specialization. Specifically, more than one million (1,219,136) will correspond to those who are studying a Higher Level Vocational Training and somewhat less (912,189) to those who are studying an Intermediate Level.

According to the calculations made in the study, one in four new opportunities of the total offers that will be generated throughout the economy until 2030 would be for FP graduates. However, the entity detects a key problem: there will be close to 100,000 jobs (92,500) that cannot be filled with technicians because there will not be enough graduates.

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FP students.

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In order to resolve this mismatch between the offer and trained technicians, the entity explains that it is necessary for the students who enroll in these training cycles to end up graduating and graduating: “If only almost all those who enroll in a training cycle were to graduate, we would save much of that deficit,” they explain. In Spain, 13.3% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 have not completed their training beyond compulsory secondary education, according to data from the Ministry of Education.

Hope is now placed in the new Vocational Training Act, which will be able to reduce the deficit of graduates. On the one hand, it is expected to increase resources in the education system, which will result in an increase in places offered and, therefore, in a greater number of people with FP qualifications. On the other hand, the law wants to facilitate a greater adaptation of these graduates to the needs of the productive fabric to increase the employability of technicians.

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Most demanded FP qualifications: how to access them

Vocational Training is a more accessible and flexible option than university for many people. This training, which is developed through what are known as Training Cycles, allows students to choose between different branches of specialization with theoretical-practical content. Vocational training is mainly oriented towards job placement, which is why it is so attractive to many students.

According to the Caixabank Dualiza report, the sectors where the most employment will be generated by 2030 will be commerce, education, hospitality, construction and industry. If you are thinking of studying a FP, you can consult some of the training courses available at Emagister.

In the health sector we find the Nursing Auxiliary Care Technician FP Course, where you will learn to carry out material organization tasks, grooming and cleaning of patients, medication administration and clinical data collection, among others. Vocational training in Oral Hygiene also stands out, to work as a dental assistant, assistant in dental clinics and oral health adviser.

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In the trade sector, the Advanced Vocational Training in International Trade stands out, which prepares students in the world of internationalization and marketing, delving into foreign trade and negotiations. In education we find the FP of Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education, where you will learn the didactics of early childhood education as well as personal autonomy and child health.

If you prefer to specialize in administration, you may be interested in the Administrative Management Technician FP. In the more industrial sector we find the Medium Degree of Electricity, or the Electromechanics of Motor Vehicles cycle.

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