this is the true use of reservoirs in times of drought

this is the true use of reservoirs in times of drought

As García Quintial points out, in the case of Catalonia, “the Sau hydroelectric power station has been stopped from February to June because the water level did not allow the turbine to run, and only the latest rains have allowed it to start up again now . On the other hand, Canelles (in the course of the Noguera Ribagorzana river) has been stopped since June and Mequinenza, in the lower Ebro, could have to stop in September. Shutdown periods are used to intensify maintenance work, so that, when the summer ends and rainfall is expected to return, the energy of the dammed water can be harnessed before releasing it into its course.

Hydroelectric power, an added value

As it passes through the turbines, the water generates electricity. This allows you to enjoy energy such as hydroelectric, free of CO2 emissions, renewable and manageable on demand. The production of electrical energy is fully compatible with the priority uses of water, since it is always reintegrated into the central channel to facilitate its use. In fact, it provides added value, since it manages to use the water without altering its properties or limiting it in any way. In reservoirs whose main use is other than hydroelectric or in any basin that is in a situation of drought, the amount to be released will always be strictly necessary to guarantee the ecological flow and the basic uses of water.

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