The shocking moment in which a miss is electrocuted with the microphone in a beauty pageant

The shocking moment in which a miss is electrocuted with the microphone in a beauty pageant

The human body conducts electricity very well, so electrocuting ourselves is much easier than it seems and the causes can be multiple: accidental contact with electrical outlets, electrical cables or exposed parts of electrical appliances, among many others.

A reality that has been demonstrated once again in the Miss Sahuayo 2022 beauty pageant in Michoacán, Mexico, where a miss was electrocuted with a microphone, suffering burns on her hands from a strong electric shock.

As a step?. As can be seen in the images broadcast on social networks, Andrea Granados Víctor appeared on stage in a colorful suit full of feathers, when at the moment of picking up the microphone he suffered a strong electric shock that prevented him from releasing the device.

After the strong electrocution, the young woman ended up lying on the ground and it was then that those present realized what had happened and quickly ran to help her and lift her off the ground. Fortunately, the miss did not lose consciousness at any time and the damage was purely superficial.

According to those present who were at the event when the incident took place, everything points to the fact that the microphone gave the young woman an electric shock because shortly before it began to rain in the middle of the event that took place outdoors.

Andrea’s state of health. Luckily, the scare was not serious and after receiving medical attention, the young woman returned to the stage to applause from the public to finish with her number, according to her assurances. The universal. Soon after, Andrea was chosen Miss Congeniality and Second Princess in the beauty pageant.

The video accumulates more than 15 million views

top comments. A series of events that have gone viral on social networks with more than 15 million visits and all kinds of comments about it: “This negligence can be expensive”, “And he released it because it fell on the wooden floor, otherwise…”, “Poor thing, and no one runs to help her, until she lets go by herself”, “I don’t see any joke there, it could have ended in a tragedy, she is a queen human being and everything but I imagine the mother at that moment and the announcer”, “A very electrifying performance”, “She is full of energy”, “I admire that she never stopped smiling”, “A presentation that leaves your hair on end” or “She was barefoot, that’s why she already has shoes in the second video” , have been some of the most popular reactions.

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