The future belongs to nuclear power

The future belongs to nuclear power

SEven supporters of renewables can’t have escaped the notice that Germany is pretty much alone with its nuclear phase-out. Almost all neighbors go different ways. Everywhere they are building or planning new reactors, everywhere they are extending service lives. Countries like France, Poland and Holland have recognized that nuclear power solves two problems at the same time: it makes a state more independent, which has become more important after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it generates a lot of climate-friendly electricity.

Much more of this will soon be needed, because cars will be driven by it and houses will be heated with it. So it’s no wonder that fewer and fewer countries want to do without the most potent, climate-friendly energy that mankind has been able to produce to date.

That doesn’t mean that politicians there are dismissing the risks of nuclear energy or rejecting wind and solar power. They just want renewables to be supported where they are weak. That’s reasonable, it follows the “safety first” motto that Germans were once known for. But their government wants nothing more to do with it today.

It now depends on every wind turbine

She prefers to dream of a country that is to be powered solely by the power of wind and sun. In doing so, she is opting for a future in which electricity will become even more expensive. And she decides to burn tons of coal to keep the lights burning in the country. That’s how it was last year and that’s how it will remain for the foreseeable future. The sun and wind are not always available, and no one knows when their energy can be stored on an industrial scale. The government decides against effective climate protection because it rejects nuclear power.

In the long term, however, she also wants to get out of coal. That leaves you with only the renewables. They alone then have to supply the fourth largest industrial nation in the world with energy. In order for this to ever succeed, nothing must go wrong, because then there is no alternative. It depends on every single power pole, every wind turbine, every rotor blade. If even the smallest detail fails, the whole plan could fail. That shows you what it’s worth.

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