The anti-crisis solution to continue enjoying leisure plans despite inflation

The anti-crisis solution to continue enjoying leisure plans despite inflation

Despite the fact that general inflation continues to moderate (6.8% in November), prices continue to be impossible. And also life. Everything has risen since the war in Ukraine began and, with it, the energy crisis: electricity and, mainly, food. The explanation is easy: if energy prices increase, the costs of production and distribution will increase, which will be added to consumer products. This is noticeable in the pocket of the Spaniards and, inevitably, the difficult economic context has its consequences: we tighten our belts, there is no other option but to contain spending. Life costs, in the literal sense of the word, more than ever.

Luckily, there are restaurant chains that want to make it easier for us and give us a few moments with family or friends, sitting at a table, eating and drinking, celebrating with joy, as we did before the crisis lurked and came to complicate everything. These initiatives have even more value when they accompany, not once, but twice.

Branded Restalia Sunday peels me

Promotional poster for ‘El domingo me la pela’

The first occasion was in 2008, in the wake of another difficult global recession, with the launch of the ‘Euromanía’ promotion, which continues on Wednesdays. Now, in the final stretch of the year, the 100 Montaditos chain is once again reaching out to its clientele with ‘El domingo me la pela’. And it is presented, once again, as a refuge value for young and old. To all of them they want to offer their support.

Even in the worst circumstances, in the midst of rising prices for electricity and raw materials, which has made its particular impact on the hospitality industry, 100 Montaditos wants to anticipate the January price and continue offering top-quality products from national suppliers at reasonable prices. very tight.

Conquer all generations

For this reason, with this motto and fun play on words, the beer brand wishes to pay homage to the generational diversity that has accompanied it since its inception 22 years ago and that has made 100 Montaditos its favorite place. The “pela” thing (or peseta) goes to the oldest, the seniors, who paid with it when the chain first opened its doors and are becoming regular customers. Thus, Restalia’s flagship wants to thank you for your loyalty in its more than two decades of history by comparing its current prices with those of pesetas, in a clear reference to its low PVPs.

There is also the (loving) nod to culture in this anti-crisis promotion. On this occasion, representing in the names of two new frozen jugs that drink, never better said, from two iconic and universal characters of our literature: the Quixote jug and the Sancho jug. These names gain even more strength within the international development strategy of 100 Montaditos, since the chain is present in more than a dozen countries. More brand Spain.

anti-crisis promotions

“El domingo me la pela”, which can be enjoyed on Sundays, will offer various options: from its new and exclusive frozen pitchers, to soft drinks, sandwiches and appetizers. And all this by encouraging all its clients (the young people who have not experienced it and the older ones who remember it) to think about pesetas with various offers between what used to be 500 pesetas (3 euros) and 1,000 pesetas (6 euros). A nostalgic promotion that, every Sunday of the year, will bring joy to its regular customers.

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