The annual electricity bill rises 1,000 euros in 20 years

The annual electricity bill rises 1,000 euros in 20 years

The Spanish paid in 2022 more than ever for the electricity they consumed. With an average of 128.21 euros paid each month, up to 1,539 euros have been spent in the annual calculation, according to a study presented this Wednesday by Facua. The data is 38% higher than the 1,116 euros of 2021 and 1,000 euros remains above the records of 20 years ago.

2022 also takes the credit for having the three most expensive receipts in history, with 176.73 euros in March, 158.30 in August and 142.40 in July. All these figures are based on the scenario of an average customer, with a monthly consumption of 366 kWh and a contracted power of 4.4 kW.

A 2022 of records

A year marked by soaring energy

The year has been marked by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, which has caused an earthquake in the energy markets, gas in particular. Its rise has caused it to end up setting very high prices in the wholesale market, compared to the historical record, and has boosted inflation.

Throughout the year the Government has been forced to take measures to reduce the impact on the pocket of consumers, from tax cuts to the establishment of the Iberian exception.

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Given the figures, attention remains focused on new measures. The latest movements go through the proposal of a radical reform of the European market, betting on long-term contracts and fixed prices for energies such as nuclear or hydroelectric.

From Facua, it is requested to expand the scope of the social bonus, to make the electricity bill more transparent – “the bill we currently pay is difficult to understand, something that has worsened since the implementation of the time slots” – and to better adjust the power contracted to the actual consumption of households.

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