The 7 news you have to know this Friday, May 26 in the morning

The 7 news you have to know this Friday, May 26 in the morning

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The changes accumulate without time to reflect: the campaign of the municipal and autonomic ones ends with a flavor of generals; solar energy gives the investment ‘sorpasso’ to oil; LaLiga asks for a step against racism… Add and continue.

Theme of the day

Time for changes without time for reflection

The mud splashes the final fight to win the municipal and regional elections this Sunday. And it is that, a few months before the general elections, it is precisely believed that they are “a December rehearsal”.

The fossil energy sector marked the 20th century and now it is betting that the 21st will be that of renewables. What’s more: global investment in solar energy exceeds oil for the first time.

In less than a decade the population over 65 years will represent 25% of the total in Spain. Their challenge is to put an end to the rejection that corners them, for example in healthcare.

In other news

The P-3 Orion made its last flight in December 2022.

The P-3 Orion made its last flight in December 2022.

Air Force

The Air Force and Space The Spaniard has a problem with the devices with which he has to fly through the skies: too many hours of flight have diminished his capacity. He worries in the military spheres.

The UK’s goodbye to the EU It is a country that is full of contradictions: it needs foreigners to work… but it doesn’t want them; Was the objective of Brexit “to control the borders”? Immigration grows but with fewer Europeans. And so there is more and more and more.


Rosario de Velasco National Archive of Catalonia. Photo-Pic (Arxiu Pere Català). Author: Pere Catala Roca

EDITORIAL / Other sources

“Rosario de Velasco?” This is how more than one should answer if asked about this Spanish artist who died in 1991 and fulfills a habitually common maxim in women artists: oblivion despite its relevance. Now the trail of her work is being followed.

The b-side of the Vinícius case and the cases of racism in Spanish football is also that of the fight between organisms. Put it on the table by Javier Tebas from LaLiga who asks for competitions: “Here you can’t take points from the clubs…”


Jimmy Spithill is the CEO and captain of the United States team of the SailGP circuit

Jimmy Spithill, icon of the America’s Cup

Eloi Stichelbaut for SailGP.

Jimmy Spithill, icon of the America’s Cup. “It is very difficult to beat someone who never gives up.” read it here

And also

Spectators of the cinemas La Farga Cinesa

Spectators of the cinemas La Farga Cinesa

Xavi Jurio

Weekend promises to be politically intense. Looking for alternatives? The premieres on the big screen today accumulate films three stars. And Almodóvar, among others, does not disappoint the critics. Neither did his soundtrack.

feeding It is one of the concerns that never go out of style. Nutrition experts urge you to limit added sugar in foods. Beyond are day-to-day advice largely on diets. Here the most common.

Another look

Yehiel Mintzberg, Marina Smargonski and Valentina Zbar, child victims of Nazism

Yehiel Mintzberg, Marina Smargonski and Valentina Zbar, child victims of Nazism

Yad Vashem

Children in Nazi horror. What happened at the time of World War II and the Holocaust is generally known. It is different to see it through the eyes of children. Records from a museum in Jerusalem make it possible. Take your breath away.

the against

Assari Bibang, Equatoguinean actress, writer, comedian and activist living in Spain, May 9, 2023. (Joan Mateu Parra / Shooting )

Asaari Bibang, comedian

Joan Mateu Parra / Shooting / Collaborators

Asaari Bibang, comedian. “Here they see three blacks on the bus and they think we are all family.” read it here


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