The 7 news that you have to know this Wednesday, November 30 in the morning

The 7 news that you have to know this Wednesday, November 30 in the morning

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The Minister of the Interior appears today to once again explain his management of the tragedy at the Melilla fence in June: new revelations put him on the ropes. The border is once again at the center of the debate.

Theme of the day

border crisis

investigation after investigation Marlaska’s version of the jump over the Melilla fence in June in which at least 23 immigrants died is questioned. The Interior version, on the other hand, does not change. He’s against the ropes. Today he goes to Congress.

The immigration drama, however, does not stop. It is well known in the central and eastern Mediterranean. On the Spanish border, the almost suicidal case of three young people who arrived in the Canary Islands after eleven days at the helm of a huge oil tanker, takes it up again. They will be deported.

the ukrainian border continues to be critical. And your neighbors know it well. Moldova is, in fact, a collateral casualty of the war. Depends on Ukrainian electricity. Kyiv no longer sells. And the Romanian line is disconnected by the bombings.

In other news

Pedro Sanchez |  Socialist International

Pedro Sánchez, in a speech at the Socialist International

Dani Duch – La Vanguardia

Sánchez marks territory. With his two appointments to the Constitutional Court (Campo and Díez) and a legislative agenda (he approves the Trafficking Law and postpones the Family Law), Sánchez imposes his authority before Podemos. “It is another stage in electoral mode,” celebrates the PSOE.

The numbers don’t work… Inflation remains high, the rise in pensions runs rampant, and at the same time puts pressure on the Government on its reform. Meanwhile, women are discriminated against in salary increases. It will reflect on your retirement. It is the fish that bites the tail.

sliced ​​oranges

35% of foods analyzed had pesticides

Spyros Arsenis/iStockphoto

Be very careful with the fruits. After analyzing samples from the Food Safety Agency, there is data to worry about. 35% of foods analyzed had pesticides. 41% of fruits and vegetables. Among them, disruptors of the hormonal system.

high voltage matches. Last night the World Cup left two clashes that talk about football and more. In the British duel, England eliminated Wales; Senegal will be measured in the round of 16. Iran-USA arrived between thick words. It was an example of peace. Seconds go by.


Carles Ramió – professor of Political Science, author of

Carles Ramió – professor of Political Science, author of “La universitat, a la cruilla”

Ana Jiménez / Own

Carles Ramió, political scientist, professor at the Pompeu Fabra University. “Amazon or Meta will compete with the university.” read it here



The hand of Iryna Filkina, a woman who residents say was killed by Russian army soldiers, is displayed as her body lies on the street, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine


The hundred best photos! About to enter December, it is worth collecting a year in which changes are added, be it because of the war, the crisis, the World Cup… because of everything. The summary of him in the eyes of the photographers from the prestigious Reuters agency says it all.

New wave of creators. A renewed generation of original and committed cartoonists conquers the comic sector. The phenomenon is international. And, surprise?, it has women as its axis. Another era.

Another look

Social services recommend seniors to play 'Pokémon GO'

The number of pensioners differs from one community to another

nito100 / Third Parties

Retired Spain is like that. Asturias already has more pensioners than employees – and these are among the highest earners in the country. The Balearic Islands is the community where there are fewer. Galicia and Extremadura, where they charge less. One country, many stories.

the against

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 06: Clea Newman attends the SeriousFun London Gala 2018 at The Roundhouse on November 6, 2018 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/Getty Images for SeriousFun)

Clea Newman runs a foundation for sick children

Mike Marsland / Other Sources

Clea Newman, youngest daughter of Paul Newman, runs a foundation for sick children. “My father was always trying to improve himself as a person.” read it here


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