Store energy at home with this technology

Store energy at home with this technology

The cold and icy weather this winter means that putting on the heating every day is almost mandatory if we want to face the low temperatures at home. However, the energy crisis and exorbitant energy prices make us think more than once whether or not to turn on the heating system in our house. Not surprisingly, according to a study the energy bill has increased by 70% since last year. In other words, the household bill has risen by 550 euros. Faced with this energy crossroads, technological solutions are sought to store energy efficiently at home and at low cost.

Many homes have sought energy alternatives through solar panels or other energy production systems that are more sustainable and cheaper than conventional ones. The industry has gotten down to work to be able to store electricity, thus improving the energy efficiency of the home. At present, there are already different technological alternatives to curb the cost of energy for domestic use.

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Gas stations, gasoline pumps, refueling.

How to store energy at home?

There are some energy stores that accumulate energy and allow it to be spent when necessary. The creators of this technology is the Bluetti company, specialized in energy storage devices that seek to revolutionize the market with its storage systems for domestic use.

These are elements that work as an “energy store”, in such a way that they can be used when the price of energy is at its highest peak to avoid excessive bills. The Bluetti Power company’s energy storage system “captures and converts sunlight into ready-to-use energy and stores the excess for later use” is claimed by the manufacturer itself.

Batteries as power reserve

This same company has brought to the market some batteries —also for private use at home— that have the capacity to provide electricity without the need to connect to the electrical network.

The energy storage system and batteries can be purchased individually or as a complementary complex to the traditional network. An advantage of both systems is the possibility of placing them both inside and outside the home. The batteries perform “perfect switching while providing a continuous power reserve” they say from Bluetti Power. In addition, it has the ability to keep any household electronic device, such as computers, refrigerators and television, running without distraction.

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