Sorli invests 30 million to grow and studies purchases

Sorli invests 30 million to grow and studies purchases

The Sorli supermarket chain begins a new stage in which it is preparing to grow, both organically and with possible acquisitions. In the last six years, and under the leadership of Anna Sorli, the company has allocated 70 million euros to renovating its network of stores and raising the standards of the establishments, including a change of brand image. Now that this process has finished, it’s time to expand, say Anna Sorli and Josep Figueres, general manager of the group.

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Anna Sorli, in the Somia store in Sant Cugat del Vallès

For this they will invest 30 million euros in a new logistics center and seven establishments. The construction of the new warehouse, with a budget of 18 million, begins tomorrow and will serve to support this growth. It will be located next to the current facilities in Granollers and will have 11,000 square meters dedicated to consumer products, fresh and meat. Sorli currently already has a 14,000 square meter warehouse in Granollers, as well as two other distribution centers in Mercabarna and another in Terrassa for frozen products.

The company entered 260 million in 2022, 2.5% more

Regarding establishments, Sorli has signed five new supermarkets and two sports centers, which it will locate in the Vallès and Maresme area, where it is more established.

The firm will assume this organic expansion plan with its own resources, maintaining healthy finances, as is the tradition in a company that this year celebrates its hundredth anniversary, and without financial partners, emphasizes Anna Sorli. His plans also include eventual purchases from other chains. “We want to be prepared in case these opportunities arise, to grow consistently and solidly, not quickly,” Figueres points out.

“We have contained prices as much as we can”

Sorli’s sales rose to 260 million euros in 2022, 2.5% more than in the previous year. “We have contained prices as much as we could, we have not passed on all the increase in costs or that of suppliers,” says the general director. He gives the example of the electricity bill. In 2021 the chain paid 3.5 million euros and in 2022 the receipt rose to 8.5 million. “We decided not to pass it on to the final prices”, highlights Anna Sorli. As a consequence, its operating profit will not grow this year – the accounts have yet to be audited.

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90% of Sorli’s income comes from its 105 supermarkets, 2% from the three gas stations it owns and the rest from its three sports centers, the shopping center and the four-star hotel. In the next two years it will add the five stores and three gyms announced.

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