Solar car has a range of 1000 kilometers – with just one charge

Solar car has a range of 1000 kilometers – with just one charge

Watch the video: This solar-powered car has a range of 1000 kilometers – breaking the world record.

This vehicle breaks a record: the car has a range of 1,000 kilometers on just one charge – and it does so entirely with the help of solar energy.

The car was designed by a group of mechanical engineering students from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

It weighs less than 500 kilograms, making it a quarter of the weight of a Tesla.

“We started building the vehicle two years ago – during lockdown. There were so many difficult moments, but the teamwork was amazing.” -Andrea Holden, mechanical engineering student

The Sunswift 7 sets a new Guinness World Record for its range.

The solar-powered car manages to drive 1000 kilometers in less than twelve hours.

The vehicle completed 240 laps of the highway circuit.

While the record was being set, the car only stopped for a driver change and a tire change.

If the car had been just seven minutes slower or had stood still for more than 15 minutes, it would not have been able to break the existing record.

The official honor and the Guinness World Record Certificate took place a few days later.
Andrea Holden:

“This feeling of having created something that is currently the best thing in the whole world is indescribable.”

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