Sixth edition of the Torres & Earth Awards for actions to deal with climate change

Sixth edition of the Torres & Earth Awards for actions to deal with climate change

Tomàs Peig, a winegrower from Terra Alta who has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9% in his activities, and the glass bottle manufacturer Verallia, for their various actions in application of the circular economy, have been two one of the winners this year at the VI Torres & Earth Awards, awarded by Familia Torres to recognize actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and also those that help raise awareness about the climate emergency.

The Torres &Earth awards were born in 2017 to encourage winery suppliers to reduce their CO2 emissions, since they represent 90% of their carbon footprint. For four years, in addition to suppliers, territories that promote initiatives in favor of the environment and communicators that warn of the seriousness of global warming have also been distinguished.

In this year’s edition, the Torres & Earth award in the supplier category has been awarded to Tomás Peig, Verallia and Logística Juan Ruiz.

Miguel A. Torres, president of Familia Torres, at the awards ceremony.

Miguel A. Torres, president of Familia Torres, at the awards ceremony.

Toni Galito / Torres Family

The winegrower from Terra Alta Tomàs Peig has been awarded for reducing his emissions by 9% in one year. For its part, the glass bottle manufacturer Verallia received the distinction for optimizing the transport of pallets, committing to the circular economy, promoting the reuse of wine bottles and improving the energy efficiency of its ovens. Likewise, the transport provider Logística Juan Ruiz, a family business from Granada, has been awarded for the constant renewal of its fleet of trucks with more efficient vehicles.

The award for sustainable territory has been for Caldes de Montbui, represented by its mayor, Isidre Pineda, and the climate action councilor, Jordi Martín, for “promoting the energy transition through the CEL de Caldes initiative, a local energy community that offers three modalities depending on the way to obtain photovoltaic energy and consume it”. Its objective is to promote the use of renewable energies to reduce CO2 emissions thanks to citizen participation, establish mechanisms to combat energy poverty and lower citizens’ electricity bills.

Award to José Luis Gallego

The naturalist and environmental disseminator José Luis Gallego has received the Torres & Earth award for best communicator. His is a long and fruitful career linked to dissemination in defense of the environment and care for the planet. Considered one of the influential people in Spain in environmental matters, he is the author of more than 30 popular books and a contributor to numerous media. He currently participates in the radio program Julia en la onda de zero wave and directs the area of ​​environment and sustainability of The confidential.

The Torres & Earth Awards have been presented by Miguel A. Torres, president of Familia Torres, who has thanked the winners for their efforts and initiatives against climate change and has issued a call to action. “We must get involved in the climate emergency and be willing to change things: we must stop depending on fossil fuels and use renewable energy, reduce the consumption of meat in our diet or reduce the use of plastics,” said Miguel A. Torres. .

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