Scholz claims that Ukraine is making a “successful defense” against Russia

Scholz claims that Ukraine is making a “successful defense” against Russia


The international community is having “success” in stopping the “neo-imperialism” of Russian President Vladimir Putin

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.CLEMENS BILANEFE
  • Straight Last hour of the war in Ukraine

The German Chancellor, Olaf Schölz, He was optimistic about the progress of the war in Ukraine thanks to international support for the kyiv government and spoke today of a “successful defense” by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The international community is having “success” in stopping the “neo-imperialism” of the Russian president, Vladimir Putinsaid this Wednesday in the forum of the Berlin Security Conference.

“We are doing well,” he asserted, stressing that Russia must understand that The West continue to support Ukraine “as long as it takes”

Germany is supporting kyiv in the economic, financial, humanitarian and military planesupplying – in this last area – what Ukraine needs right now, that is, artillery and anti-aircraft defenses, he pointed out.

In addition, the German Army is preparing to train a Ukrainian brigade of up to 5,000 soldiers with the support of the European Union (EU).

The chancellor recalled that in the sphere of NATO Berlin will supply the alliance with 17,000 troops in the coming years for its rapid response forces and is preparing to strengthen its presence in Lithuania to increase security in the Baltic region.

Also in the European sphere it is possible to develop complementary military capabilities, said Scholz, who gave as an example the German initiative to contribute to a European anti-missile shield to which they have already joined. other 14 partners.

Anyone, like Putin, who wants to destroy the rules-based international order “must have the resistance of germanyhe clinched.

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Store, who had previously met Scholz at the chancellery.

During his speech, Store made reference to the NATO enlargement process and expressed the hope that Finland and Sweden, whose membership is pending the Turkish and Hungarian ratificationthey can access the Alliance as soon as possible.

“I hope that everything falls into place and NATO is a even stronger alliance“said Store.

The prime minister also alluded to Norway’s role as a gas exporter and stated that Oslo does not want prices to stay highsince this also hurts you for various reasons, including the rise in the cost of electricity.

“We work as much as we can with the European Commission to stabilize the markets and encourage agreements of long term export to stabilize prices,” he asserted.

Norway’s “favourable position” also constitutes an “added incentive” to support Ukraine, with measures such as the purchase of gas for kyiv in the face of winteras well as other countries affected by the conflict.

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