Pollution, Italy black jersey in the EU for air quality: 70,000 avoidable deaths

Pollution, Italy black jersey in the EU for air quality: 70,000 avoidable deaths

Italy black jersey for air quality, with pandemic numbers: there were 70,000 avoidable deaths from pollution in 2020. The alarm was sounded, on the basis of the new air quality report by the European Environment Agency, the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (Sima). If, on the one hand, the trend of constant reduction in the average annual concentrations of fine particles and the consequent premature deaths is confirmed, on the other, the PM 2.5 levels remain above the health limits established by the WHO in the 2021 Guidelines for air quality and Italy remains at the top of the rankings, he explains Alexander MianiSima president.


In Europe the air is unbreathable and Italy is among the worst countries

by Cristina Nadotti

“There were as many as 68,600 premature deaths from Pm2.5, nitrogen oxides and ozone recorded in 2020 in Italy (followed by Germany with 43,500 avoidable deaths and Poland with 41,600). In practice, Italy represents 29% of the total of premature deaths from Pm2.5 in Europe (where they fell to 238,000), 22% of preventable deaths from nitrogen oxides and 21% of those due to excess concentrations of ozone – underlines Miani – Italy is also first by number of years of life lost: a good 606,000, quantifiable in about 61 billion euros of social and health costs in the year 2020 alone. This means that for several decades, every year in our country air pollution has generated pandemic numbers “, remarks the expert

“The recently published EEA report makes it clear – he adds Prisco Piscitelliepidemiologist and vice president of Sima – that the highest concentrations of Pm10 are observed in the Po valley, attributing the phenomenon to the density of population and industrial activities in an orographic and meteorological context that favors the accumulation of fine particles”.

Pollution can cause a heart attack, even with a healthy heart

“These data certify that Italy is among the European countries that must make the clearest progress for the implementation of the Zero Pollution Strategy European Union, which underlies the revision of the air quality guidelines presented by the European Commission on 26 October last to align themselves with the more stringent WHO directives by 2050. Once again, our appeal to the new government is an invitation not to lose the opportunity for the Pnrr – Miani comments – to quickly reverse the trend with a careful resource allocation strategy and ongoing verification of the results produced, starting with the Health, Environment and Climate Program to continue with sustainable mobility, efficiency energy efficiency of buildings with connected domestic heating”.

The data

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