Panettone, this year may cost double: the studio and the prices compared to 2021 Cook

Panettone, this year may cost double: the studio and the prices compared to 2021 Cook

Inflation, with the increase in the prices of raw materials and energy, inevitably hits the Christmas and to undergo significant increases also the sweet symbol of the holidays, panettone. A survey by the startup confirms this Maiora Solutions according to which, in Milan, the cost of industrial panettone this year has grown on average de38%, while that of artisanal panettone is 7%.

With an augmented intelligence tool, the startup confronted the average prices of panettone in November 2021 with those of November 2022both of some of the best-known pastry shops in the Lombard capital, and of the physical and online points of sale of large-scale retailers, discovering significant differences.
First of all, scrolling through the list of the 12 sampled pastry shops, one discovers that the most expensive artisan panettone in Milan is that of Iginio Massari– 43 euros per kilo, increased by 8% compared to 2021 (when it cost 40 euros) – but what Peck’s panettone has increased by far the most: a 13% increase from 32 euros per kilo in 2021, brings this other renowned panettone to 36 euros per kilo, in any case among the most “accessible” on the list. The average cost of artisanal panettone in the city, according to the survey, is in fact 38 euros per kilo: this, for example, the price of Pav, the only one of the 12 pastry shops examined that has not increased the price of the leavened product, symbol of Christmas.
It’s much worse on supermarket shelves. In this case, the panettone that has undergone the most significant price increases is the Balocco: the price rose from 3.32 euros per kilo in 2021 to 6.40 euros in 2022, i.e. increased by 93%. Also significant is the increase in Carrefour Extra Panettone, which grew from 3.39 euros to 5.50 euros (+62%) and in Motta, which in 2021 recorded an average price per kilo of 4.49 euros, which rose this year at 6.64 euros (+48%).
The growth of inflation and the widespread increases in prices involving raw materials in every productive sector have caused a general increase in prices, they commented Andrea Torassa and Emilio Zunino, founders of Maiora Solutions. We have seen truly significant changes compared to last year, especially among the brands that produce industrial panettone, probably most affected by this particular economic situation.
In particular, according to a survey by Cambridge Econometrics just released, fossil fuels have had the most impact – about 30% – on the overall inflation rate, followed by energy price increases. All of this has had serious repercussions on entire production chains and therefore on our pockets. Translated: in 2022, an average Italian family is impoverished by 1,400 euros compared to 2020. Continuing to read all the prices and increases of pastry shops and large-scale distribution

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