Nuclear power in France: Visit to Dampierre – Politics

Nuclear power in France: Visit to Dampierre – Politics

In Dampierre, the residents have no problem with that. France’s reactors are more dilapidated than ever, and the country is preparing for power outages. Visit to a village that still can’t get enough of nuclear energy.


Kathrin Müller-Lance, Dampierre-en-Burly

Nicolas Mécheriki leads us into his studio, the floor creaks, the fireplace is burning, the easel is empty. But everything else is full of canvases, the walls, the floor. Nicolas Mécheriki, gray hair down to his shoulders and a wool sweater that’s a little too large, walks purposefully to two pictures leaning against the wall. One is a bit reminiscent of Cézanne’s “Bathers”, naked men and women in a river, the pure idyll, only: behind them you can see steaming cooling towers. The other shows the four blocks of a nuclear power plant at night, the towers reflected in the water, clouds of skulls rising above them. “It’s my form of protest,” says Mécheriki.

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