Norwegian footballer Elin Landstrom: “The real game is for the environment and the planet is at stake”

Norwegian footballer Elin Landstrom: “The real game is for the environment and the planet is at stake”

“We all have a part in this game that changes everyone’s lives”, Elin Landstrom, born in 1992, Swedish footballer, defender of Roma, is determined to affirm the need to be bearers, each in their role, of testimonials for the fight against climate change. In fact, she is the ambassador of WPG (We Play Green), the association created by the Norwegian footballer Morten Thorsby precisely to involve the world of football in the fight for sustainability.

Elin, why did you decide to become an ambassador of We Play Green and how important do you think your commitment as a woman is also off the field?
“The climate crisis is there for all to see and it is among my main concerns. WPG has given me hope that I can change things and I am proud to be its ambassador. It gives us the opportunity to work together as a community , and achieve more than we could alone even as athletes, by connecting with like-minded personalities. I am happy to have the means to inspire this green change among more people than just my friends and family. As well as the my club, Roma, which a few months ago joined forces with UEFA to support the sustainability strategy. Football is a platform that unites us and we all have a role in this game that changes everyone’s lives, athletes And that’s not all. As a footballer, I feel the responsibility but also the pleasure of being a model for girls who want to approach this sport and also contribute to a more supportive and sustainable football.”

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A day with Morten Thorsby, the soccer player who takes care of the Earth

How proud does it make you that the Foundation was able to get the athletes’ voices heard at Cop27?

“I’m proud of it because I know the added value it can bring to the table of international institutions and organizations. Football touches every corner of the globe and unites millions of people of different cultures for this, it is a common language, through which even the green shift it is a message that can be conveyed in a more direct and inclusive way, garnering the support of more and more people to save the planet and ourselves. At stake are our present and future.”

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Matteo Pessina’s game for the environment: “Sometimes it takes very little, let’s train”

by Emanuela Perinetti

From your experience abroad, what do you think can be brought to Italy to develop a virtuous approach to the environment?
“We all have a role to make things happen, to involve even those who are not properly involved in the work. Some examples. Incentivize and choose sustainable ways to reach the stadiums, environmentally friendly and plant-based options in food consumption choices in sports facilities, energy policies during matches”.


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by Alessandro Petrone

What action would you recommend even to those who don’t have an important media role like yours to start being more aware and active in safeguarding the Planet?
“My advice is to be the spokesperson for their reference community and small or large pool of influence, whether they follow them. There are experts, scientists, institutions that work on causes that we can support, they are the real experts from whom we can learn the necessary knowledge. In the first phase, however, athletes should not be afraid of not being experts, but if they feel this sensitivity and consider the matter urgent, they can help experts and scientists by amplifying their messages and studies. Sooner or later we will all be affected and involved, so yes I would like to hear the voice of more and more athletes join mine, ours”.

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