News in the morning – News of January 9, 2023 – Politics

News in the morning – News of January 9, 2023 – Politics

What is important today

Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters storm parliament. In the capital, Brasília, a mob of what are believed to be several thousand supporters of the right-wing ex-president attacks the congress and devastates the presidential palace. Parts of the Supreme Court were reportedly even submerged with a fire-fighting hose. The situation now seems under control again, but the shock in South America’s largest democracy runs deep. To the article (SZ Plus)

Finance Minister Lindner faces trouble because of personal loans. The greeting for a bank could bring the head of the FDP into trouble. According to media reports, the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office is considering whether to apply to the Bundestag for approval of criminal proceedings against the politician. For this, his immunity as a member of parliament would have to be lifted. Go to Article

SPD wants to speed up construction projects. The Social Democrats in the Bundestag have presented a six-point plan to simplify planning and approval procedures for apartments, bridges and wind turbines. She wants to restrict the right to sue against infrastructure projects. Go to Article

China opens its borders for the first time in three years. The abolition of the quarantine requirement for travelers marks the final end of the zero-Covid policy. The new rules are a relief, especially for people in Hong Kong who have relatives on the Chinese mainland. But hardly anyone expects a lot of travel, because a particularly violent corona wave is currently raging in the People’s Republic, in which 2.5 million people are infected every day. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Chairman of the Economic Wise Men calls for slower rising pensions. The federal government is doing too little for old-age security, says Monika Schnitzer. The economist criticizes the pension policy of the traffic light coalition and proposes a cap on lavish pensions. She also expects higher contribution rates for employees soon. To the interview (SZ Plus)

Prince Harry settles accounts with the royal family in a TV interview. The reason for the conversation is the memoirs of the 38-year-old, which will be published on Tuesday. In his view, it is primarily the British tabloids that are responsible for the fact that he and his wife Meghan are no longer part of the core of the royal family. To the article (SZ Plus)

Everything about the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis

Selenskij: “Bachmut perseveres”. Although most of the city in eastern Donbass was destroyed by Russian attacks, Putin’s troops cannot get through, the Ukrainian president says in his video address. To the live blog about the war

Klingbeil rejects renewed nuclear power plant debate. The Chancellor has spoken a word of power, the SPD leader reminds his coalition partners. It is important to stick to this compromise. Federal Economics Minister Habeck also rejects a re-examination of the maturities. To the live blog on the energy crisis

France lacks the energy. For decades, Paris relied primarily on electricity from nuclear power. Dozens of reactors are now out of service – and things are unlikely to get any better next winter. Go to Article

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