Low temperatures cause consumption to skyrocket

Low temperatures cause consumption to skyrocket

Dhe winter cold has caused gas consumption to skyrocket in the past week. As the Federal Network Agency announced on Thursday, gas consumption in the 50th calendar week was 12 percent above the average consumption for the years 2018 to 2021. Compared to the previous week, it rose by 20 percent. The authority announced that the savings target of 20 percent less was clearly missed. Temperatures were 7.9 degrees below the average of previous years.

Adjusted for temperature, consumption in the 49th and 50th calendar week was 12 percent below the reference value. According to the network agency, this value is still in the critical range. For the current week, the authority expects a drop in gas consumption due to the significantly higher temperatures.

While industry consumed 2.9 percent less gas overall compared to the average for the years 2018 to 2021, households and businesses increased by 27.6 percent in calendar week 50. In the current year, it was the week with the highest consumption in this consumer group – 2556 gigawatt hours per day.

Milder weather reduces demand

However, this was still well below the consumption of the 6th calendar week of 2021, when a cold spell caused snow and ice in large parts of Germany. At that time, households and businesses consumed an average of 3084 gigawatt hours per day. For comparison: On Wednesday, a total of 3214 gigawatt hours of natural gas were imported into Germany.

The now milder weather is also causing a significant drop in demand for gas. According to the European gas storage association GIE, the fill level in German gas storage facilities fell by only 0.1 percentage points to 87.2 percent on Tuesday. In the past week, it had fallen by more than a percentage point on four consecutive days, mainly due to the cold temperatures.

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