Jeremy Renner is now with his “family at home” as he recovers from his accident with a snowplow |  People

Jeremy Renner is now with his “family at home” as he recovers from his accident with a snowplow | People

Jeremy Renner is with his “family back home” as he recovers from his snowplow accident. The 52-year-old actor shared a tweet on Tuesday morning in which he assures that he has been able to see the premiere of the second season of the series The Kingstown Chief, in which he himself stars, along with his loved ones. “Out of my mental fog, in recovery, I was very excited to see episode 201 with my family at home,” he wrote on his account, in which he accumulates 5.9 million followers.

On the other hand, the Paramount+ chain, which broadcasts the series in the United States, has changed its poster out of respect for the actor. In the original version, published a few weeks ago, he could be seen with a bloody face, but after the spectacular accident he suffered, the promotional image has been modified, removing any trace of blood from Renner’s face.

On January 1, the actor, popular for his participation in the Marvel saga The Avengers, He was airlifted to a local medical center after suffering an accident with his snowplow, which reportedly crushed him, suffering “chest trauma and orthopedic injuries,” according to a statement from his representative. The actor underwent emergency surgery the following day and although he has already left the hospital, he faces “a long road to recovery”, according to a source close to the magazine. People this Wednesday, although the actor’s sister, Kym, added optimistically that he is “pulverizing all progress forecasts.”

During this time, Renner —known for his role as Hawkeye in the superhero franchise— has wanted to keep in touch with his fans and report on his evolution through social networks. It was on his Instagram account that he posted a video of himself being led into a room by a nurse for a medical examination. “I wish you all a very special night,” he wrote about the clip. It was January 7, the day he turned 52 years old.

This Monday, Renner had shared a photo in his stories showing a snowy scene at what appears to be his home in the Reno, Nevada area. “Missing my happy place…” Renner wrote of the photo, which still showed large amounts of snow. Almost five feet of snow fell in the area on New Year’s Eve, in a new winter storm that battered the US region and knocked out power for 35,000 people.

On the same Monday night, Renner added a new post to his Instagram, a photo of a snowy road, in which he advised residents of the area to travel with caution. “Be careful out there Reno/Tahoe.” Everything suggests that he was returning home at that time.

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