It is time to educate Italians not to delegate health protection.  The prof.  Santini

It is time to educate Italians not to delegate health protection. The prof. Santini

From chronic to genetic diseases that also involve the youngest. A book to inform and prevent from the risk of ischemias leading to heart attack and potentially fatal arrhythmias

Remove the danger of fake news and educate the general population not to delegate the protection of their health. Because the first prevention starts with us. This is the goal of “My electric heart”, the first popular book on cardiac arrhythmias, dedicated to patients and citizens interested in the electrical functioning of the heart. The work, created by il Cuore di Roma Onlus, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of the population in terms of prevention of cardiovascular diseases, was written by the professor Massimo Santinipresident of the Heart of Rome Onlus and the doctor Luca Santini, specialist in Cardiology at the GBGrassi of Ostia. “All the medical literature has always been aimed at the medical or nursing class. There is nothing that has been explicitly devised for the general population. Precisely for this reason we have decided to write this book on the initiative of the non-profit organization Il Cuore di Roma that we direct. Our intent – explains Santini – is to educate but also to reassure the entire general population on the use of pacemakers, defibrillators and other devices “.

A topic that concerns a considerable number of people given that in Italy at least 60,000 pacemakers and defibrillators are implanted every year. “Not to mention a very large population of those who have been using these devices for years – underlines Santini -. We wanted to address them, as well as all those families with people who are candidates to receive these implants in order to reassure them and provide them with all the necessary information in an extremely simple and understandable language “. The book is also accompanied by 300 figures portrayed in a cartoon style in order to make it easy to understand the various issues addressed.

Themes that range a lot: from chronic diseases to genetic ones which very often also involve the youngest ones. The fight against sudden deaths in young people is therefore almost always due to genetic pathologies. We are therefore talking about phenomena that have always existed and which must be investigated with due seriousness, rejecting any attempt at conspiracy such as that used by the no vax who claim to exploit them in order to attack vaccines. “That of the no vax is a population of people devoid of any scientific attitude and that completely goes beyond all the indications present in the international guidelines. There are no grounds for not recommending a complete vaccination against Covid. We have been fighting sudden deaths in young people for years – explains Santini -. There are five or six genetic diseases that are at high risk of sudden death, other than vaccine ”.

And, still on the subject of Covid, Santini recalls how people with heart diseases are the ones for whom the use of a complete vaccination is most recommended: “Those with cardiovascular diseases, if they contract Covid, have an increased risk of an unfortunate outcome. that these diseases are among the major causes of death. The vaccine for them is highly recommended and should be considered an almost mandatory guideline. ” The book also deals with those ischemic forms that often lead to heart attacks or potentially fatal arrhythmias. Also in this case we turn to families to reassure them and show them how the technology available today allows not only to preventively intervene on different types of heart diseases but also to cure them. Finally, a very suggestive part of the work is dedicated to some personal stories of patients. Like that of the truck driver who, albeit in misfortune, has the good fortune to pass out while driving his truck just stopped at a petrol station adjacent to the clinic where Professor Santini operated. “We were thus able to intervene immediately by taking him to the operating room and implanting a pacemaker. Today, 20 years later, he is in excellent health and continues to drive his truck ”, recalls the professor. Another story concerns a patient saved from cardiac arrest. “I literally resurrected her from the dead and in the book there are his testimonies about what he saw and experienced in those moments, during that near-death experience in complete cardiac arrest,” concludes Santini.

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