Industrial engineers from Valencia say that renewable projects are going “at a snail’s pace”

Industrial engineers from Valencia say that renewable projects are going “at a snail’s pace”

The College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Valencia (COGITI) has advocated accelerating renewables in order to cope with the rise in energy prices, with an increase in the price of electricity of 320% since January, “unsustainable and a drag on the domestic economy and industry”.

In addition, it has entered fully into the current controversy surrounding the management of renewable projects in the Valencian Community, as the energy market expert Roberto Cavero has lamented that renewable projects are going “at a snail’s pace”, with three Ministries (Economy, Territorial Policy and Ecological Transition) involved in the procedures.

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Photovoltaic panel installations transform sunlight into energy.

With the goal for 2030 of 10,000 MW installed, the Community currently stands at 1,700, which according to Cavero means that it has to approve and install 1,185 MW per year, something “unfeasible” at the current rate.

“Now is the time for the Administration to take action on the matter. In the invoice we are paying 45% between taxes and charges, which should, as an exceptional measure, be eliminated and the invoice reduced by almost half,” he said.

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photo XAVIER CERVERA 06/17/2021 (near Belchite) wind energy (windmills) and photovoltaic panels (solar energy) in the autonomous community of aragon, spain

The underlying problem, according to the expert, lies in the dependence on fossil fuels and the solution is to favor energy autonomy, whose benefits in the medium and long term not only respond to greater energy efficiency and economic savings, but also It means a reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment.

They urge citizens “not to doubt” the benefits of switching to renewables, since although during the first five or six years on average they will pay the amortization of the installation, from seven years to twenty-five they will have energy ” free,” he said.

The COITI warns of the benefits of switching to renewables, since from the age of seven to twenty-five you can have “free” energy

Regarding the tax aid and benefits from the different administrations, the lack of incentives is worrying. There are some towns in the Valencian Community that do reduce the IBI, but many others do not and even make the responsible declaration of work pay to install plates, even on the roof itself.

“We are not only experiencing a global climate emergency, but also an economic one due to the high cost of energy and in the context of energy shortages, the commitment and acceleration of renewables is and will be transcendental,” he concluded.

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