Ikea, home deliveries with electric tricycles powered by solar energy – Corriere.it

Ikea, home deliveries with electric tricycles powered by solar energy – Corriere.it

A pilot project born in the Netherlands and which promises to spread to other countries, in many cases replacing vans for small deliveries in urban centers

ikea a brand that has been promoting sustainability for years and has adopted technologies to reduce emissions from its factories and points of sale. The latest idea, born not by chance in the Delft store in the Netherlands, where bicycles have always been one of the most used means of transport, provides for the adoption of a special tricycle with an electric motor powered by solar panelsfor the home deliveries in urban centres.

Sustainable deliveries

Given the success of this nice yellow and blue tricycle, with the Ikea brand in plain sight, it was decided to expand the use of electric trikes by offering the possibility to all Ikea retailers in the world to add amore sustainable, accessible and economical alternative to their fleet of vehicles intended for home deliveries. The Sunrider belongs to the category of cargo e-trikes or electric tricycles for transport and despite the small size, the load space capable of accommodating 90% of the Swedish company’s products.

100 kilometers of autonomy

The range of the electric tricycle of approx 100 kilometers with a full chargeeven if it is presumable that it can vary significantly based on the weight loaded, which can reach up to one maximum of 150 kilograms. In Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the other territories selected for the test, precisely to maximize autonomy and guarantee the maximum number of daily deliveries, Ikea customers were limited to orders weighing up to 30 kilograms. It must then be said that the positioning of the solar panels on the sides of the cassonand it doesn’t look optimal, but the manufacturers of the Sunrider ensure they are able to contribute up to 65% of the energy for daily use and, on sunny days, 100%. All with one reduction of CO2 emissions by 65% ​​compared to other cargo bikes on the market e 97% compared to vansi traditionally used for small deliveries.

Interchangeable batteries

The electric tricycle propelled by a 250 watt motor installed directly into the front wheel hub and powered by one 1.6 kWh interchangeable battery. This technology is not particularly widespread in Europe, where most e-trikes use mid-drive propulsion or with the electric motor installed between the pedals, in contrast to the United States where hub-drive models are becoming increasingly popular. Ikea has chosen this model also thanks to the complete equipment, with the integrated LED lights which allow you to manage without problems even the night deliveries. We just have to wait to see them whiz by Also in Italywhere Ikea riders will be able to fully enjoy the recharge of the solar panels by doing less fatigue on the pedals than their Nordic counterparts.

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