how to save on the electricity bill in the heat wave

how to save on the electricity bill in the heat wave

The heat wave that is roasting Spain forces us to use air conditioning and a fan to survive. As minimum. With days of unbearable temperatures and more consumption, is it possible to save on the electricity bill?

At the moment, wholesale market prices remain stable, which means that those with a regulated tariff (PVPC) do not have to suffer so much. “In recent weeks, the highest prices have been between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.,” they comment from the Selectra comparator. The difference means that using the air for 4 hours in the most expensive hours supposes an expense of 1.07 euros, compared to 0.69 in the cheap ones, they calculate.

The sections of the day with the cheapest light can be consulted on the Esios portal of Red Eléctrica, with the information available from 8:00 p.m. the previous day. In this way, the use of the devices can be concentrated at times of lower cost.

Between the blinds and the cost of lighting

Beyond prices, the key to saving is to adapt habits and follow the basic recommendations. A first advice is to avoid direct contact of the house with the sun. As simple as lowering the blinds and awnings on the outside and having curtains on the inside. “Closing the blinds or shutters from mid-morning to mid-afternoon allows you to enjoy a cooler environment inside the home,” they detail in the SPC technology.

When you need to ventilate the house, it is advisable to do it outside the hours of greatest temperature and light, such as early in the morning or at night, so that the hot air from outside affects it as little as possible. It is also more worthwhile to do so with windows facing interior patios, which receive less sunlight and have lower temperatures. All this will mean that the air inside does not change its temperature significantly and there is no need to consume more.

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Since the windows are low, more light can be used to illuminate. That’s why it’s important to have LED bulbs, which use ten times less power than incandescents, have a ten times longer lifespan, and save 80% energy.

The ideal air temperature, and without forcing

Air conditioning is king in summer. The maximum is to comply with a stable temperature and within the recommended parameters. According to the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), “a temperature of 27ºC or higher with suitable clothing is enough to maintain the comfort of a home”. “We recommend the air at around 24-25 degrees, because each degree that energy consumption is lowered increases by 8%,” argue Selectra sources.

When turning it on, do not set a temperature lower than normal. “It will not cool the house faster and the cooling could be excessive and, therefore, an unnecessary expense”, adds from IDAE. Neither do it with the windows open or without closing rooms where you are not going to be. At night, there are specific programs that reduce spending if left on.


Avoiding temperature changes helps save


Maintenance also ensures smooth operation. That is why it is recommended to clean your filter periodically, every six months. If it feels less cold than usual, it may be due to a breakdown or a refrigerant leak.

The reliable fan

The air is prohibitive for many. According to IDAE, “a fan, preferably a ceiling fan, may be enough to maintain adequate comfort. The movement of air produces a sensation of a drop in temperature between 3 and 5ºC and its electricity consumption is very low”, it is exposed. Selectra calculations show that the cost for eight hours of use of a ceiling fan is 13 cents. Of course, it will not cool as much.

Other measures require more investment and time, so they are amortized in a longer period. White walls regulate temperature better, since “dark tones attract heat and lighter ones reflect solar energy,” notes Airzone, a manufacturer of climate control systems. The advice goes through “painting facades and roofs in white or light colors”. Thus “we will maintain a lower temperature inside”, reducing the need to pull the air conditioning.

From the color of the walls to the windows, the investment makes the difference

Having quality windows also makes a difference: it prevents the cold from the air conditioning from getting lost. The solution may be ones with a PVC frame. To get out of trouble, you can choose to place smoked or tinted paper on the windows to prevent heat from entering.

A third piece of advice is to automate the air conditioning equipment, which allows you to program it before you arrive at the home or block the controls to avoid unnecessary temperature changes that only increase the cost. Consumption control apps are also an ally, with detailed spending monitoring.

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Second-hand inquiries grow

If what is needed is to buy, it can be thrown second-hand to save costs. According to data from Milanuncios, searches for fans have more than doubled over last year (+127%) and those for air conditioning have grown 62%. In the first case, the advantage in addition to the price is that they do not dry the air in the rooms as much. Ideally, the devices have an A energy label. If it is A+++, the energy savings reach 40%.

vampires count too

Appliances and appliances in stand by they are true vampires on the bill. The mode accounts for 10%-16% of spending. Hence, it is recommended to unplug those that are not used: toaster, microwave, television or even the internet when going on vacation, they comment in Selectra.


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