He glues his hand to the road with a powerful glue and they have to dig to get it out

He glues his hand to the road with a powerful glue and they have to dig to get it out

Climate change is a threat to the planet. The burning of fossil fuels continues to generate greenhouse gas emissions that act like a blanket around the Earth, trapping the sun’s heat and raising temperatures. And emissions continue to rise, despite warnings from scientists. The current permissive policies point to a temperature increase of 2.8 °C by the end of the century, says the UN. Far from the target set in the Paris Agreement (1.5 °C).

Some examples of greenhouse gas emissions are carbon dioxide and methane, which come from, for example, using gasoline to drive a car. And some environmental organizations ask to apply immediate measures in this regard. In Germany, the organization Letzte Generation urges speed limits on German motorways to 100 km/h. His protests are based on blocking roads, but one of his activists has ended up sticking his hand to the road to have even more impact.

In Germany

He stuck his hand to the asphalt during a protest

Letzte Generation is a German environmental organization known for its initiatives. They have blocked roads or shut down gas pipelines. All to stop the “collapse of our society”, even if it means carrying fines, criminal charges or prison sentences.

In an open letter addressed to the German Chancellor and his ministers, this organization defends that the first security measures to be introduced in Germany include a “speed limit of 100 km/h on highways and the introduction of affordable public transport to through a 9 euro bill.

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In the letter, they already warned that, if the pertinent measures were not adopted to stop the “climate catastrophe”, they would carry out the appropriate protests to seek the “maximum public disturbance”. And they have put it into practice.

In one of their last actions, they once again blocked traffic in a large city. In this case, Mainz. In the images released by the organization itself, you can see how the activists block the way for vehicles. “Emissions from the transport sector are persistently high and contribute to the destruction of our civilization,” they denounced through their Twitter account.

One of the ecologists went further and stuck his hand to the asphalt of the road. And then he needed help to detach it, forcing local authorities to dig in the area, even cutting a part of the surface. The Letzte Generation itself has spread the images of the affected person on its networks and has reiterated its call for the population to join its cause, which they consider to be everyone’s.

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