Guide to eco-friendly tech gifts

Guide to eco-friendly tech gifts

Everything can be said about the many revolutions that technology has brought into our lives, unless there has been attention to the environment and consumption. However, things are starting to change and this Christmas, among the many objects released in 2022, there are also appliances with a greener soul than the others. We have selected a few.


Headphones LA Urbanista. The solar panel now rings

by Jaime D’Alessandro

Wireless Earphones – Phoenix Urbanist

The first earphones equipped with a solar panel on the case to increase their autonomy. Swedish, they use a flexible photovoltaic material called Powerfoyle also developed in Stockholm by Exeger. And they sound decent. The energy consumption of a pair of earphones is minimal, but the fact that they are starting to produce these types of headphones is a good sign. Last year Urbanista had also launched a pair of headphones that are partially recharged, always with solar energy.

149 euros

Storage batteries – Bluetti EB3A

Among the lightest and most efficient storage batteries for connecting everything, starting with smartphones and laptops. By combining the Pv120 solar panel you become independent from sockets. Appliances of this kind supply energy more efficiently than the socket, they waste less energy. However, remember to turn off the EB3A after using it. Standby works relatively and there is a risk that its charge will be lost.

670 euros

Speaker – Vaia Cube Joy

Latest version of the smartphone speaker created with the wood felled by the Vaia storm in 2018. The latest variant just released is in six different colors, buying it helps reforest the affected areas since the company that produces it invests part of the earnings for reforest that area. It is a passive system that amplifies the telephone speakers. It doesn’t work miracles, but for listening to the radio in the morning it’s just fine

74 euros

E-bikes – Cannondale Synapse Carbon 2

Talking about electric bikes from time to time, we forget that the most ecological ones of all are the traditional ones. There are some for all budgets. However, this one has on its side, in addition to its lightness, it is made of carbon, a discreet supply of sensors that increase safety: the radar that warns if a vehicle or more vehicles is approaching behind you and how far they are, the lights that turn on automatic when needed, the app with which to check the status of the bike in addition to the distance travelled. However, the price is not for everyone.

4700 euros

Laptops – Hp EliteBook 855 G8

One of the easiest laptops to repair on the market and this guarantees its durability over time. 15-inch screen, AMD graphics card and processor, 1.7 kilos in weight. It is therefore a PC that is certainly not a featherweight, but has solidity on its side. The score obtained on the iFixit site by the HP G series is an average of 10 out of 10. One of the few other laptops that reaches these peaks is the Framework but it cannot be purchased directly from Italy.

1500 euros approximately

Smartphones – Fairphone 4

Modular, easy to repair, made of recycled materials and with metals that don’t come from war zones or where the workforce lives in a semi-slave regime. In short, if everyone built like the Dutch Fairphone, we’d already be one step ahead. The latest model has the same philosophy as the previous ones but more advanced features. It is a mid-range phone, with a 6.3-inch full HD + screen, with a slightly higher price than others if we stick to the technical specifications. Here, however, what matters is the idea of ​​producing a smartphone made to last and which, in order to be built, has had a reduced impact on the environment.

580 euros

Powerbank – Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh

Latest generation powerbank with PowerIq technology for fast charging. It is not among the most pocket-sized or lightest models, but it guarantees high autonomy with different refills. Power banks have greater efficiency than the traditional socket. By recharging a device in this way, more than saving money, it is a matter of little money since in any case all battery-operated devices are optimized, less is wasted.

40 euros approximately

TVs – Sony X80K

The bigger they are and the higher the resolution, the more they consume. There is no way to escape this law, so there is no point in deluding yourself. Work is underway to reduce consumption but it will be a relatively long road. And this also applies to particularly powerful consoles and desktop PCs. This Sony however, despite being a latest generation 4K, is among the models that absorbs less. Provided you choose the 43-inch one

900 euros

Mice – Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

The shell is made from 20% recycled plastics recovered from the oceans. Just a fifth then, but it’s already a first step in starting to reuse what we have dispersed into the environment. Obviously it is sold in an environmentally friendly box, made of recyclable wood and natural sugar cane fibers.

28 euros approximately

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