Granada: Those attending the La Peza rave begin to dismantle the illegal party |  Spain

Granada: Those attending the La Peza rave begin to dismantle the illegal party | Spain

The Civil Guard has reinforced this Wednesday the access controls to the municipality of La Peza (Granada, 1,120 inhabitants). The Traffic Group only allowed the passage of local residents and essential services, but they claimed to have orders to prevent anyone else from reaching the town. The objective, as they have explained, is to prevent those attending the rave that has been held in the area since last December 30 have more supplies. “As drink, food and fuel continue to enter, they will not go away in a year,” say sources from the Armed Institute. Those responsible for the party, on the other hand, assure that it is over. The music hasn’t played since minutes before eleven in the morning. And, although there are still attendees, many people are already walking towards their vehicles with their backpacks, coolers and mattresses and a small caravan of vehicles has already formed to leave the area. “We pick up everything and leave,” they say from the organization.

This morning, with a face of disbelief, two workers from a container company in Purullena —a town about five kilometers from La Peza— checked how the Civil Guard agents prevented them from entering the town. They were stopped at the beginning of the GR-3201 road where half a dozen vehicles and fifteen agents had a large device installed. The workers reported that their destiny was the rave, whose organizers had contacted them on Tuesday afternoon to hire a tank in which to deposit all the garbage generated during the party. In the call they had not wanted to give their names, but they had made the payment, of 550 euros, in advance. “Look, I’m calling to tell you that we can’t come in. That we have the payment and everything is fine, but they won’t let us take the vat to you”, the operator told the girl who had called him the day before. The Civil Guard later insisted to the employees: “Go away, because you are not going to be allowed access all day.” “It hurts me to have collected the money and not do the job,” said the other worker before leaving the area.

“If you avoid access to vehicles and people… the provisioning decreases,” explained a Civil Guard agent. During the last few days, many vehicles have gone to the town to buy groceries, as well as to bars and restaurants near the A-92 highway or towns in the area such as Purullena. This Wednesday they could not. They were allowed to leave, but not to return. The lack of drink, food and gasoline for the generators that supplied electricity to the food tents and the six stages of the party is a clear invitation to evict the party. “The problem is that, look at him, now they don’t even let us clean. They are boycotting us, when what we want is to pick up everything and be able to leave”, said one of the participants in the party, Marco, a thirty-year-old who was already analyzing options, such as that each vehicle of the attendees carry the garbage bags inside. to nearest containers. “This has to be left clean, yes or yes,” he insisted as dozens of young people passed around him with their belongings to leave the area. “It’s been incredible, but it all ends,” said Patrizia, a 20-year-old Italian girl.

While several traffic agents prevented access to La Peza to any vehicle, their colleagues meticulously searched each car, van, caravan or truck that left the town. They also asked the occupants for documentation and carried out different alcohol and drug tests. During the hour and a half that EL PAÍS was present, no one tested positive, as on most occasions during the previous days, as explained by the agents themselves. His biggest concern, however, is the lack of sleep for drivers, who claimed to have different destinations such as Granada, Almería or Barcelona. Civil Guard sources have explained that in the last few hours there have been three people detained at these controls. One for attacking an agent of authority – a minor assault – and two other people because they found narcotic substances in a variety and amount “compatible with drug trafficking.” A few days ago there was also another arrest of a boy who wanted to skip drug control. “For the movement that the party has had, these are minimal figures, nothing serious,” the same sources underline.

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