Gazprom threatens to reduce the flow of gas through Ukraine from Monday

Gazprom threatens to reduce the flow of gas through Ukraine from Monday


It denounces that it has detected that part of the gas destined for Moldovan consumers remains in Ukraine

A worker at the station
A worker at Gazprom PJSC Slavyanskaya compressor station in Russia.

The Russian gas consortium Gazprom threatened this Tuesday with reduce the transit of gas through Ukraine as of the next day 28, if the difference between the volume exported by gas pipelines Ukrainians to Moldova and the one that receives that former Soviet republic.

“If the imbalance in transit through Ukraine for Moldovan consumers remains, on November 28 from 10:00 a.m. (07:00 GMT) Gazprom will begin reduce pumping at Sudzha station for transit by Ukraine in the daily volume that does not reach its destination,” the Russian gas giant reported on its Telegram channel.

Gazprom denounced that it has detected that part of the gas destined to moldovan consumers in accordance with the contract with company Moldovagaz remains in Ukraine.

“The volume that Gazprom pumps through the Sudzha entry point for transit to Moldova via the territory of Ukraine exceeds the physical volume that is delivered to the border between Ukraine and Moldova”, assured the gas company.

Gazprom indicated that today it is planned to pump about 42.9 million cubic meters of gas through the Sudzha station for transit through the territory of Ukraine.

This Tuesday, the Secretary of State of Moldova for Energy, Constantin Borosán, pointed out that for the moment Gazprom has reserved capacities of only 5.7 million meters. cubic daily through the Ukrainian operator for the interconnection points between Ukraine and Moldova for the period from October to September 2023.

Therefore, he warned, “as of December 1, Gazprom’s natural gas deliveries to the Republic of Moldova will be reduced by 56.5% with respect to the volume agreed in the supply contract” between Moldovagaz and the Russian company.

Moldova takes several months suffering cuts in Russian gas supply and lack of electricity, which has caused major problems for the country, which has had to ask the European Union (EU) for help and buy additional volumes from third countries.

In October Gazprom reduced gas supplies to Moldova by 30% and in November by 50% of what was agreed.

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