Florence, climate activists soil the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy.  Reported

Florence, climate activists soil the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy. Reported

FLORENCE. Latest generation blitz in Florence, where the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Economy was daubed with paint this morning. «At 8.10 – reads a note – three citizens belonging to the Last Generation threw washable paint on the regional headquarters of the Mef (Ministry of Economy and Finance) using two fire extinguishers. Once the soiling was finished, the three people involved sat down in front of the building, holding up a banner that read “Stop subsidies to fossils”. With this gesture they wanted to denounce the complicity between political decision-makers and fossil multinationals, which enjoy direct and indirect public subsidies for mining activities”.

Blitz by climate activists: they smear the Mef headquarters in Florence by loading the fire extinguishers with paint

Around 9 the carabinieri arrived, who took the three to the barracks to identify them and report them. The effects of climate collapse are already evident. Last year we witnessed very serious climatic episodes. I’m scared, I have no idea what will happen in the future. With this action of ours today we have decided to sanction the Mef, because, despite the evidence of the seriousness of the situation, our government continues to spend billions of public money to finance the macro fossil fuel companies, investing in the ruin of the country and the Italian population . Ours is a cry for help, we want politicians to listen to us! We must act because there is no more time and these gestures are the only way left to make us listen».

Milan, climate activists smear “Il Dito” by Cattelan

The movement calls for “immediately stop the reopening of decommissioned coal-fired plants and cancel the project for new drilling for the search and extraction of natural gas, proceed with an increase in solar and wind energy of at least 20 Gw immediately”.

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