Europe will depend on renewables, by Robert Tornabell

Europe will depend on renewables, by Robert Tornabell

Russia decided to strangle the industry and the welfare of Europeans. The Swedish Navy demonstrated that the Scandinavian gas pipelines were dynamited. Putin’s last boycott? He had previously shut down gas supplies to Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France, among others. Spain always had supplies from Algeria, from the Mediterranean, and tankers from the United States loaded with natural gas. And the renewable energies of the windmills, because in nine consecutive days, from November 15 to 23, it thus generated 53% of the electricity consumption of the Spanish peninsular system.


Solar panels and windmills in Aragon

Xavier Cervera

Norway never stopped supplying Europe with gas and oil. And now he has taken a giant step. It will transform the gas it extracts into green hydrogen. In a few years it will supply between 90 and 110 TWh. Germany will produce 14 TWh, that is, 14 trillion watts. But German industry needs to diversify supplies of clean energy. Offshore, Denmark has windmills in strong gusts supplying it with 1,000 MW and all Western European countries take advantage of the North Sea for renewable energy. Esbjerk (Denmark) is the hub of the mills offshore across Europe and can supply electricity to meet the needs of 40 million homes.

RWE AG is investing in the provinces of Madrid, Badajoz and Zaragoza to take advantage of solar energy, with double-sided cell panels and an extension of 97 hectares. Naturgy, from the port of Barcelona, ​​exports green hydrogen, and the supplies, through underground conduits, can reach the port of Marseille and the French gas pipeline network, the most extensive in Europe, connected to the ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg. Negotiations with the shipping company Maersk appear to be well advanced. It would be about building between 20 and 80 wind and photovoltaic parks. For a fleet of 700 ships, the investments are millionaires.

For Catalonia, the windmills offshore not compatible with tourism. And we need to devise new means, because the industry asks for electrical supplies at the factory level. The 400,000 volt line that comes to us from France could save us from a heavy snowfall. In March 2010 it was necessary to install generators in all the municipalities of the Costa Brava and Maresme. With years without prolonged droughts we could have the cheapest electricity in Europe. But climate change prevents it. The unjustified invasion of Ukraine forces us to look for alternatives to have energy at prices that reduce inflation and allow the industry to work under normal conditions. The Next Generation are an extraordinary source. But they should be more accessible.

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