El Shaarawi, football and the environment: “We must help the planet for the children”

El Shaarawi, football and the environment: “We must help the planet for the children”

Stephan El Shaarawi, Roma striker who has always been mobilized in the social sphere, dedicates his environmental commitment above all to children. “I’ve always had them close to my heart, and they’re the ones who will benefit from our efforts if we can change things.”


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by Alessandro Petrone

Was there a precise moment in which you felt a greater closeness to social issues – you have always been active in many campaigns in solidarity with the less fortunate – and above all environmental ones?
“There wasn’t a precise moment. Inside, I’ve always felt the desire to give something back to the communities on which I could have a positive influence through my example on and off the pitch. Back in 2012, when I was at Milan, I took part in a series of initiatives aimed at demonstrating how the rules of sport can play a role in the oncological field with an initiative supported by the Prime Minister, the FIGC and the Federation of Sports Doctors. And we played the health championship on the web. During Covid, with my brother, we have joined other athletes always in support of the issue of health of the weakest groups, especially children. Today it is the Planet, Nature, who is weak and needs our help, for this reason the petition of Green&Blue it was a transversal and important initiative that involved players from the national team and absolute champions of other disciplines, which further sensitized me. I have always had children at heart and they, the younger generations, are the most sensitive to these issues but also the ones who will benefit most from my and our commitment today, if we act together to change things”.

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Matteo Pessina’s game for the environment: “Sometimes it takes very little, let’s train”

by Emanuela Perinetti

As Roma, in its women’s team, already boasts a representative, Elin Londstrom, who is engaged on this front thanks to the WePlayGreen Foundation which took part in the Cop27 but, like you, also with initiatives in her daily life: awareness in the use of resources such as water, separate waste collection also at the sports center, attention to mobility, hybrid or electric, with journeys that favor solutions with less impact on our planet. Would you like to contribute more actively together with your club to improve these good practices and which gesture do you feel closest to your living sustainability, as a person and as an athlete?
“I’m lucky to play for a club like AS Roma, which has an ever-increasing sensitivity and commitment, both in its women’s colleagues and as a club, even with the new ownership, in its daily life but also in its vision. The city of Rome has hosted a constructive discussion between the FIGC and UEFA which outlined a precise strategy which the club has adhered to as underlined by Elin. As an athlete and a person, I am ready to do my best to be part of this transition which can no longer be postponed.”


Norwegian footballer Elin Landstrom: “The real game is for the environment and the planet is at stake”

by Emanuela Perinetti

You highlighted how athletes can and must act with their own tools: push the fans and use their media power. You have a large following on social media and you can influence the habits of enthusiasts and supporters, not only in Rome but internationally.
“I believe that my role as an athlete and that of football in general can be precisely that of getting informed first and foremost and the last Cop was an opportunity to do so – therefore increase awareness – and then inform, to boost requests and truly concrete projects that can lead by example, offsetting the emissions that our travels and those of industry inevitably generate and creating a system between athletes from different countries, so that football has a greater common value objective in defense of the environment, In this match, the goal is common and only one goal to be scored, for the good of all.”

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