Eight Spanish series that this year are bordering on the outstanding

Eight Spanish series that this year are bordering on the outstanding

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Spanish productions have been fighting for a long time de tat with foreign series when it comes to gaining a place in the preference lists of critics and the public. In 2022, Spanish fiction has touched practically all genres, scoring with note in many of them, as is the case of those highlighted below:

The route (Atresplayer Premium)

Borja Soler Y Roberto Martin Maiztegui They had a purpose when they created this series focused on the bakalao route, an authentic way of life to the sound of electronic music that blossomed on the Spanish Levantine coast in the 80s and 90s: “Whoever has lived it will have the opportunity to live it again; whoever has not lived it will discover it.” With daring time jumps, Marc (lex Monner), Tony (Claudia Salas), Nuria (Elizabeth Casanovas) and Lucas (Guillem Barbosa), a group of friends of El Perell, go from innocence to maturity, from the day they entered Barraca for the first time, in 1981, until their farewell in a crowded Ruta Destroy, in 1993, with characters like Sento (Ricardo Gomez), a successful businessman who has the night for his home, marking his future.

Better Days (Amazon Prime Video)

One of the most ambitious projects on the platform is run by Christopher Garrido Y adolph valuewith Blanca Portillo embodying Dr. Laforet, a psychologist with unconventional methods, full of irony and with a great secret behind her. The series follows the overcoming process of four strangers who meet in a peculiar grief therapy for parents who have lost their partner. There they will overturn the hard moments of the departure of a loved one, but also how, despite the injuries, sooner or later it is possible to laugh, love and live again. Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here.

The Unit (Movistar +)

Homelands, body guard ,office of infiltrators either Fauda are some of the references of Alberto Marini Y dani de la torrecreators of this thriller Police film based on the work of an elite unit of the National Police specialized in jihadist terrorism that will premiere its second season this year. Pure adrenaline marks the lives of characters who work to the limit and hook the viewer from the first minute of each chapter. Nathalie Poza embodies the chief inspector in command of a team of which they are part Marian Alvarez, Luis Zahera Y michel noher among others.

How To Fuck It All (HBO Max)

With a script and a very careful aesthetic, Jaime Waves Y Pablo Sanhermelando develop the story of Alba (Naira Lle), a young woman who finds it difficult to adjust when she finds out that the end of the year trip has been cancelled. Her plans to escape from home collapse until she discovers that a group of classmates have a perfect plan: to make her parents believe that the trip is still on, steal the van of one of their brothers’ brothers and hit the road for three weeks. . You can subscribe here to HBO Max.

I don’t like driving (Movistar +)

Borja Cobeaga narrates in a comedy key the experience of getting a driver’s license at 40. Inspired by his own experience, the series tells the story of Pablo (Juan Diego Botto), a self-absorbed and grumpy college professor, who is forced to get his driver’s license. As soon as classes start at the driving school, I will meet Yolanda (Luca Caraballo), his student at the university and with whom he established a curious relationship in which he discovered that he still had a lot to learn.

The immortal (Movistar+)

lex garca stars in this crime drama created by José Manuel Lorenzo, written by Diego Sotelo and David Moreno and directed by David Ulloa and Rafael Montesinos Inspired by the real events surrounding Los Miami, the gang that during the 90s controlled cocaine trafficking and the entrance to Madrid nightclubs, the series chronicles the rise and fall of a criminal kingdom. The inmortal is the alias of Juan Carlos Pea Dwarf, founder and leader of this mafia group, who was involved in all kinds of crimes: from robberies to murders, including extortion, kidnapping and torture. The series has been renewed for a second season to begin filming in 2023.

Last in Line (Netflix)

Five women in their thirties, friends since school who organize a week-long getaway together every year, face a special trip: one of them has just been diagnosed with cancer. Screenwriter, film director and novelist Daniel Sanchez Arvalo (BlueDarkAlmostBlack, fat, Cousins) offers a different approach to a story that sounds familiar, but shines thanks to the chemistry of its protagonists: Alma (Monica Miranda), Olga (Godeliv Van den Brandt ), Sara (Itsaso Arana), Leo (Mariona Teres) and Carol (Maria Rodriguez Soto).

Blackout (Movistar +)

Isa Campo, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Ral Arvalo, alberto rodriguez and Isaki Lacuesta They direct the five episodes of this production in which a solar storm hits the Earth causing a general blackout. In this new reality, based on the science fiction podcast The great blackoutFive stories unfold, with characters struggling to adapt to a world without electricity, telecommunications, or means of transportation. highlight the episode denialin which a train accident, the Civil Protection and Emergencies team led by Ernesto (Luis Callejo) sees his movements limited by bureaucracy and the doubts of experts.

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