Economics Minister Robert Habeck takes private lessons in climate protection

Economics Minister Robert Habeck takes private lessons in climate protection

Dhe weather sometimes plays a trick on the energy revolution, the use of solar and wind power. But not the responsible Federal Economics and Climate Protection Minister. Robert Habeck defied the weather on his energy journey through Norway on Friday. For two and a half hours, his car parade fought its way through thick snow and fog from Oslo to Brevik in the south of the country, where the green politician took a look at the latest climate protection technologies.

After Russia’s failure, Norway has grown to become Germany’s most important energy supplier and should remain so in the post-fossil era, then with wind power and climate-friendly hydrogen. In addition, the kingdom is willing to absorb carbon dioxide from Germany. This occurs in industry or in the production of “blue” hydrogen from natural gas. With the help of the so-called CCS technology, the CO2 separated, liquefied, transported in pipelines or by ship and then stored underground, at best far out at sea, where natural gas and oil were also stored for thousands of years.

With protective vest, helmet and thick winter jacket

In Brevik, Habeck learned what modern CCS and hydrogen technologies look like. The world’s first industrial plant for capturing CO is located there2 in cement production. Not far away in the Heröya industrial park, the Nel company is building electrolysers for the production of hydrogen, which is almost non-existent in its natural form on earth, using a highly automated process.

The Norwegians have a long history of producing hydrogen. As early as 1929 they had a production facility with an output of 167 megawatts, which is still a record today; the largest plant of our time in Spain creates less than 30 MW. The neighboring Norcem cement plant has actually been in Brevik for more than 100 years – and thanks to the CCS ambitions it is now one of the most modern of its kind.

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