Davos, the battle of the riders of the “Non-Apocalypse”: half a million signatures for the appeal of Greta, Vanessa, Helena and Luisa

Davos, the battle of the riders of the “Non-Apocalypse”: half a million signatures for the appeal of Greta, Vanessa, Helena and Luisa

FROM THE ENVISAGED IN DAVOS. The first move on Davos is the four horsewomen of the Non-Apocalypse. They are signed only with their first name and the land of origin, but so based: they are Vanessa from Uganda, Greta from Sweden, Helena from Ecuador, Luisa from Germany. The four girls lose their face to try to give the planet a future and try to shake up the World Economic Forum, the summit of the powerful and rich on earth which officially opens tomorrow in the Swiss mountains.

They are calling on the world to sign a Cease and Desist Note, a declaration committing everyone to immediately abandon the opening of new oil, gas or coal extraction sites, as well as to “stop blocking the clean energy transition we we are all in such urgent need”. In a few hours, adhesions exceeded 450,000 and are growing visibly.

Battle of the Mine, Greta addresses the crowd

Uski Audino

It is the natural next step in the battle between environmentalists that has been going on for days in Luetzerath, where the German government has decided to raze an entire village to expand access to an ignite deposit. It is the moment in which the protest tries to get the maximum attention. The Davos Forum offers the ideal opportunity. It is the moment of the year in which the big names in finance and capital gather for a discussion which, despite the commitment of the organizers, struggles to gain the desired credibility of a sustainable and inclusive summit. This is the banquet of the rich with 52 heads of state or government (not Italy), 2700 representatives of 130 countries. A table where beautiful words are not lacking, but they clearly need proof to be considered credible by those who suffer from the ailments of a story that between wars, crises, inflation and famine, is failing in the mission of giving men and women everything that deserve, starting with a dignified life and concrete opportunities.

Greta Thumberg, Vanessa Nakate, Helena Gualinga and Luisa Neubauer attack the big oil companies. With force. “They have known for decades that fossil fuels cause catastrophic climate change; they misled the public about climate science and risks; they deceived politics by sowing doubts and provoking”. For this reason, the four girls warn, “these activities must be stopped as they directly violate our human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, and betray the duty to take care of people”.

The final tone is severe. “If you don’t act immediately, know that citizens around the world will consider taking all sorts of legal steps to prove your responsibility. And we will continue to protest numerous in the streets ». It is a message that thunders down upon Davos and touches the hearts of many. In the time to write these few lines, thirty thousand signatures have arrived. It’s snowing outside. The avalanche of Greta, Vanessa, Helena and Luisa has every appearance of not wanting to stop.

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