David Trueba: Utopia is called stability |  Opinion

David Trueba: Utopia is called stability | Opinion

I suppose there is a strange hidden balance in the fact that while a law is being approved in Spain that grants trans people that great conquest that is conventionality, in Afghanistan the regime that has benefited from the US military rout has immediately prohibited the presence of women in university classrooms. It is precisely women, especially young women, who are leading a heroic movement to demand their rights in Iran. We still do not know if they will be able to overcome the criminal repression with which they are answered by the religious authority. Thus, democracy can be complicated, cloudy and bitter, but it always benefits from the comparison, since its pluralism and a certain level of transparency offer the opportunity for freedoms to find the oxygen of survival. Despite the desperate perseverance with which many from the outside want to gain access to one of these perfectible democracies, the insiders tend to become discouraged and irritated. They associate the claim of utopia with something more ambitious and ethereal than its coarse satisfaction. However, I am very much afraid that the great political aspiration, and note that it does not sound dreamy, is stability.

The year 22 ends as far as imaginable from the equilibrium offered by its digits. The attempted Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a contest with an old flavor, in which the great strategists have decided, what an advance for humanity, day after day to hit the water and electricity supplies of a civilian population that is a shameless target. of the missiles. The instability of the energy market has ended up causing strong inflation when the democracies wanted to limit the millions that pay for their supplies to the dictatorships. To their surprise, they discovered that they were slaves to autocrats and many fear that the variation will put us in the arms of others as authoritarian as the previous ones. In Spain, the game is one of electoral bellicosity and the missile launchers have been stationed in institutions that should be left out of the contest. Against the forecasts, the Government has managed to approve the Budgets over and over again with a sufficient majority, although complicated. So complicated that sometimes the achievement, instead of reassuring, disturbs, even if it is accompanied by the approval of necessary laws.

On the other hand, many trust that the return of the conservatives to power will guarantee that stability that we value so much when we look not so much at the rainbow as at the payroll, the traffic light and the supermarket shelf. But it is enough to observe that balance of power in Madrid, where the City Council and Community Budgets have run aground without a solution. Also in Castilla y León the promise of moderation has been compromised by an almost permanent ridicule. The signs invite us to think that stability is not going to come from the pact with the extremes, but from the end of the partisan brawl. Citizens with their votes force those who want to survive in power into the most unsuspected balances. It is in that contortion where the possible fracture lies. For this reason, to those who at the head of our most valuable institutions have to touch their toes while holding the cup of coffee without spilling a drop, we wish you the best of luck on the 23rd.

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