Climate: the commitment of the G20 countries gives a breath of fresh air to COP27

Climate: the commitment of the G20 countries gives a breath of fresh air to COP27

Posted Nov 16, 2022 2:45 PMUpdated Nov. 16, 2022, 2:46 p.m.

At COP27, where negotiations are progressing with difficulty two days from the end of the summit, the statement by the G20 leaders meeting in Bali on Wednesday brought a sigh of relief. The twenty largest economies in the world, responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions, have indeed said they are “determined” to continue their efforts to fight the climate crisis.

In particular, they are still committed to limiting global warming to 1.5°C, one of the key objectives of the Paris agreement, but a reference that some countries at COP27 would prefer to see disappear from the expected final agreement. at the end of the week. In its statement, the G20 thus retains the assessments of IPCC experts who ensure that “the impacts of global warming will be much lower at +1.5° than at +2°C”.

Very positive sign

“An ambitious G20 sets the tone for a COP, it’s rare and it’s a very positive sign,” reacted Laurence Tubiana, who heads the European Climate Foundation. “Reaffirming the 1.5°C target, recognizing our dependence on fossil fuels and promoting peace: Bali sends a clear signal to those of Sharm”, judges the one who was one of the main architects of the Paris agreement . This “should put some wind in the sails of the climate talks in Egypt,” hopes Ani Dasgupta, president of the World Resources Institute.

“It is very important that the G20 demonstrates that cooperation between the main world powers is once again on the agenda, in particular on the climate”, welcomes Sébastien Treyer. But the director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) believes that it is even more important that the G20 be seen only as a step towards the reform of international financial institutions, “urgently necessary for the countries the poorest and most vulnerable and to rebuild trust between North and South,” he says.

Southern Defiance

At COP27, the mistrust of developing countries is probably stronger than ever. They deplore the financial support promised by the rich countries to help them fight against global warming, which still does not live up to the promises. North and South also remain very divided on the creation of a specific fund demanded by vulnerable countries to compensate for the climate damage they are already suffering.

The will reaffirmed by Emmanuel Macron in Bali this Wednesday to establish a “new financial pact with the South” which will integrate “the question of climate vulnerability”, and the announcement of a summit next June, therefore retained all the ‘Warning. “We have seven months left to move forward on the issue of development and climate finance, it is a vital issue for so many countries,” reacted Friederike Röder, vice president for advocacy at Global Citizen.

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