Barcelona will have an ice rink at Tibidabo for Christmas

Barcelona will have an ice rink at Tibidabo for Christmas

The Tibidabo amusement park will have an ice rink for Christmas. The facility will be open to the public from November 26 through January 5.

The track, which will be placed in the Plaza del Somnis, will have a capacity for 40 people and dimensions of 200 square meters. Park sources highlight that the installation has been made with a synthetic material, with polyethylene panels, which allow for “very similar sensations” to those of ice skating “guaranteeing sustainability” as it is a material with “non-existent energy consumption ” which, unlike conventional ice rinks, “does not need water or electricity to maintain itself”.

200 square meters

The track will have a capacity for 40 people

Access to this attraction will be included with the park ticket, but there is also the possibility of using it without visiting the rest of the enclosure at a price of five euros. In 2003, Tibidabo already had an ice rink, with a capacity for 75 people and an area of ​​about 325 square meters.

On the other hand, the same November 26 will premiere the new pet show The Bo of Collserola. The Bo is a wild boar committed to caring for the environment and the surroundings of Collserola that will make the public aware of the importance of caring for this mountain. The show will take place in the Plaza del Jardí at 4:30 p.m. on the days that the park is in operation. As of December 3, Tibidabo will once again host the Tibimarionetarium Christmas puppet show.

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